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10 tips you should know during a city trip in Valencia

Valencia is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain with a diversity of different sights and highlights. Valencia is a city that is becoming more and more popular among tourists nowadays. The weather is pleasant all year round and people are very friendly and helpful. Are you wondering what you can discover during a city trip? In this blog I’m going to tell you everything about the activities you should do on a city trip in Valencia.

What you definitely need to eat during a city trip

  1. Eat the tastiest paella on the beach

In Valencia you don’ t need to be afraid of not finding a place to eat. On every street corner there are a few restaurants where you can eat. Spain is known for its delicious paella, which you should definitely taste during a city trip. Where to eat the best paella in Valencia? At restaurant Casa Carmela, which is located at the end of the city beach Las Arenas. 

  1. Visit a pincho bar in the center of Valencia 

The city is also known for its tastiest pinchos. Your second must visit is a pincho bar! Eat the tastiest pinchos at Sagardi in the center of Valencia. Useful to know is that you can’t make reservations here, so you have to be lucky to have a seat. Pincho is a typically Spanish dish which you can eat all day long. You can eat it as a quick snack, together with a nice glass of wine or beer, or you take more of them and make it a lunch or dinner. A pincho often consists of a baguette with, for example, ham, cheese or fish. Mostly the pinchos are displayed on the bar where you can choose them by yourself and fill your plate with many different options. In some places the waiter will walk around with freshly made warm pincho bites. In every pincho there is a wooden stick that you, as a customer, have to collect on your plate. At the end of your meal, the waiter can see exactly how many pinchos you have eaten and calculate how much you have to pay. Usually a pincho costs around 2 euros each. If you like smoked and dried ham, you should definitely taste it in a pincho bar too! You can try the Iberico ham, is a true delicacy. These hams are made from 100 percent purebred Iberico pigs and are considered to be the best ham in the world. 


What you can discover in the beautiful center of Valencia 

  1. Discover the old part of the center

What you certainly should not miss is the beautiful center of Valencia. You can stroll through the authentic streets to experience the culture of the center. The nicest neighborhood in the center is the old part named El Carmen. This district is very attractive and blessed with beautiful buildings. When you walk through the center you will see a lot of street art. The city is full of surprises, so get lost in the streets and be inspired by the Spanish artists. 

  1. Visit La Lonja and discover the history of the silk trade

What the Valencians are very proud of is La Lonja de la Seda, the building was very important when it was used as a place for silk trade. La Lonja has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996. On the inside and outside of the silk fair building you will find many separate figures, demons and a peeing angel. At the moment you can visit the building and see the culture of the past. On the other side of La Lonja you will find the mercado central.

  1. Visit the Mercado central and discover Spanish specialties

A visit to the popular Mercado must be done during a city trip. The mercado central is located in the middle of downtown Valencia. Here you will find a wide variety of products offered by 300 different traders. This market is one of the largest in Europe with an area of 8160 square meters. In the mercado there are different local sellers with all kinds of fresh products such as vegetables, dried hams, Spanish delicacies, fruit and local products. Be on time, because the market hall is only open until 15:00. Enjoy the local cuisine and experience the Spanish atmosphere in the mercado. 

  1. Cycle around the centre through the Turia gardens.

Valencia is surrounded by the Turia gardens. In the past it was a Turia river, but it regularly caused flooding, so the course of the river has changed nowadays in gardens. The Turia garden is a 9 km long city park that surrounds the city centre. The park is often used for sports, there is also a football field and places where you can do your sport routine. It is highly recommended to explore the city on a bicycle and drive through the Turia gardens. The park is blessed with eighteen authentic bridges what makes the view really beautiful. During your bicycle tour in the Turia gardens you need to visit the Ciudad de las artes y las Ciéncias, also named as the city of art and science. Here you will find beautiful and unique architectural styles designed by the world-famous architect Santiago Calatrava. 

  1. Las Fallas street party

In Valencia they have a lot of different parties. The most popular is Las Fallas, it is a big traditional festival that is very popular under the residents and tourists. If you want to visit this party, you have to make a reservation and book in advance because all accommodations are fully booked quickly. You will see beautiful parades with dolls, music and fireworks. At the end, the dolls are set on fire and then there is an extensive fire parade. This festival takes place every year around March. The Las Fallas festival is on the UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list from 2016.

  1. Overnight stay at AD HOC Monumental 

Valencia is having many great accommodations, so it could be difficult to choose one. There is so much choice! I stayed twice at AD HOC, which is competitively priced and located at the perfect location in Valencia. The accommodation is close to the centre, the Turia gardens and is about 30 minutes by bike from the beach. I would call it the perfect base for a city trip.


Activities outside the centre

  1. Discover the district Ruzafa

Ruzafa is a cosy artistic district located just outside the city centre. The trendy district Ruzafa is really worth visiting. This district is very popular under the young inhabitants of the city, because there are many great spots to discover. It is full of nice stores, boutiques and restaurants. You can also sit in the district on a terrace to enjoy the warm weather with a delicious beer or wine. If you like delicacies you should definitely pay a visit to Dulce de Leche, where you can taste the most delicious cakes, sweets and coffee. 

  1. Relax a day at the most famous beach Las Arenas 

A perfect combi is to combine your city trip with a day at the beach. By bike or public transport, you can easily go to the beach from the center. When you go to the beach by bike you will pass the marina of Valencia, it’s a exclusive club where you can eat or drink and enjoy there swimming pool. The most famous beach is Las Arenas. This is a wide sandy beach with a long boulevard where many different restaurants can be found. It is a sandy beach about one km long and 135 meters wide. Marina beach club is one of the most popular beach clubs on the beach that you should definitely visit. 


Conclusion: You must have been to Valencia! 

Follow my ten tips and you will experience a great city trip. There is so much to discover in the city that it can be difficult to see everything in a few days. Do you want to stay up to date with the latest highlights and activities in Valencia? I have many more great tips and facts about the city. The tips include a cycle routes, must see buildings and all Valencia’s hotspots. If you sign up for the newsletter you will receive the tips every day for free! 



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