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Everything about a green trip to athens

{{cta(‘e53ac3c9-1ff9-4109-a954-2992a9ebe1f7′,’justifycenter’)}} Athens The struggle of nowadays life. There is so much to see, but you don´t want to pollute the air andcontribute to worsening the earths climate. Of course there are options. For the sporty types, thereare the bicycle trips. But StudentTrippin understands; not everybody is...

A day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, known to some as the drugs capital of the world as it is renowned for its coffee shop and the red light district it might not seem as the best option for tourist that want a more conventional trip to a nice urban setting. Yet the city of Amsterdam is in fact a great tourist location with a wide variety of activities ranging from historic buildings and...

Exploring Europe: Madeira, Portugal

Exploring Europe: Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, 620 miles from the European coast and 310 miles from the African coast. The capital city of Madeira is Punchal. Madeira is not a big Island, but that makes it absolutely ideal for a short trip. And because the landscape is very different, with mountains, the Levadas (the island is famous because of Levadas), resorts and a...

The ultimate Roadtrip to the Caucasus: Exploring 10 beautiful countries from Europe to Asia

Do you also hate being not independent and can’t travel exactly the way you should like to? Then you HAVE to try making your own roadtrip. You can choose your own path and travel each place on your own pace. You can choose to witch country of city you would like to travel and with who. Going on a roadtrip is the best way to discover each and every destination on your...