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Meet The nightlife of Colombia

Things to do when you are on a holiday in Columbia? It is a thing which nobody knows but the nightlife of Columbia is a little bit crazy but awesome and you are going to read here why! You can read everything about the nightlife in Columbia in this blog. This includes Bars, Discotecas & Dating Tips. The nightlife in Columbia is great for everyone. You can visit some quiet restaurants with great cocktails and you can visit a couple of very big discos. In this blog you will find some cool tips and hotspots to have a fun time and meet new people.


Sleeping in Colombia?

To start is it very smart to have a placet o get your sleep when you are in Columbia. A great solution for this problem is to stay in a hotel. There are lots of greats hotels but we have put the best ones here for you.

City: Bogota

  • The Cranky Croc
  • Casa Bellvista Hostel

City: Cali

  • Local House Hostel
  • El Viajero Cali Hostel & Salsa School

City: Cartegena

  • Republica Hostel
  • Hostel Mammalena

For more information about hostels you should definitely read our other post about the cheapest, but nice, place to sleep in the three biggest cities of Colombia. It will not cost you more than €10 euro’s a night for a good place.

Where do you need to go when you are going out?

It’s very important when you are in Columbia to ask the locals about new partys en new events. This is very important because there are lots of events and every event is different from each other. From Sunday to wednessday is it very quiet at the nightlife in Columbia. This is very normal because these are the days normal people are working. The nightlife start of the week is on Thursday. Thursday offers the people several ladies nights and this is a good opportunity to meet some new people. Next to the Thursdays are fridays and Saturdays the busiest days of the week. It is very important to arrive early on this days. You need tob e there before 11 o clock if you want to have a good table at the discotecas. Next to that is it very imporant for you tob e there early because this gives you the opportunity to avoid all the long lines at the popular places. The closing time of the several discotecas vary by location. The most popular bars are closing at 2 am while the popular discotecas are closing at 4 am.

foto nightlife colombia

What is smart to wear on a night at Columbia?

99% of the time you are spending at the nightlife of Columbia, you don’t have tot worry about what you are wearing. Sometimes you have to deal with a dresscode at a party but when this happens is has been told at your invitation so you have got much time to choose your outfit. A dresscode is normal in the very highend clubs of Columbia but that is not very budget or cheap. Clubs like those are not a good choice for students like us. So at most of the time you don’t need to worry about your outfit. If you choose a jeans and a shirt. That is okay but if you want to go further than that, nobody is surprised.

The most important thing is that you make sure you feel good in the way you dress. It is essential that you are who you are and feel good. Colombians are also dressed like who they want to be. As you can see below the outfits are very diverse.


Sex in Colombia?

After a fun, and maybe rough night out, everything can happen. And what happens in Colombia, stays in Colombia. You can imagine that the ending of a night is different than you are used to. So that is why we wrote a little story about what is normal and what is important when you decide to share the bed in this country.

is very normal in Columbia to live with your parents untill you are married. This is completely the opposite of the Netherlands. So it is very difficult to have a night alone with a beautifull person you just met in a club in Columbia. So this means that it is not normal to spend a night with a men of a women you just met. Unless you are dating a young professional person with a own house of course.

Next to these important things there are still a couple of other things you have to know about sexs in Columbia. One of these things is that you can’t forget to use protection. Condoms are available erverywhere and you can buy these things at all pharmacies and drug stores. Next to these shops can you buy cheap condoms also at a bar or a discoteca bathroom. Something is better than nothing. Also the morning-after pill is available to buy at all pharmacies. But there is one thing which is very important which is the rule about abortion. In the Netherlands it is not illegal and can everybody do it to provide themselves for a not-planned baby. In Columbia is this very illegal and nobody is allowed to do that. Do not forget this when doing it with the free willy.

Hope you enjoyed this article and it got you the information you needed. We would love to see you soon! Subscribe to our newsletter for more information, tips and tricks and even discounts on different hostels and bars in Colombia!

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