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Island hopping Greece

Mamma Mia, who doesn’t know this movie. The best songs to sing along and the dances to imitate. Not to mention the area, how fantastic does it look there ?! You want to go there! Read on to find out how you can follow in Mamma Mia’s footsteps.

The film

Mamma Mia is about Donna who runs a hotel on the Greek (fictional) island of Kalokairi. Donna has a daughter named Sophie, who she gave birth to at a young age. Sophie’s father is not in the picture. In the film Sophie is getting married, but Sophie would like to be taken to the altar by a father as usual. Only she has no idea who this could be, so she invites the 3 potential fathers to come to Greece to find out which of the 3 father it is. She found these names in her mother’s diary from the past.

Mamma Mia released in 2008 was such a success that the sequel ‘Mamma mia here we go again’ was released in 2018. This film is a sequel and at the same time a retrospective. In the film you see how Sophie takes over her mother’s hotel, and at the same time you go back in the past to the young Donna.

No part 2

In the second movie Dona (Meryl Streep) has only one part in the movie, this is because she has a no-follow-up rule. That means she will not participate in a second part of a movie. But she decided to do a little bit in the film because she liked it too much.

Where was it shot

So the film is set on the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi, but where was it really shot? The first film was mainly shot in the studios in England, where Donna’s hotel was recreated. The rest of the film was shot on the Greek island of Skopelos and Skiathos, so this is a place you can visit. The second film, which according to the film takes place in Greece, was mainly shot on the Croatian island called fish. Croatia is very similar to Greece, so this is not noticeable in the film.

Follow in the footsteps of Mama Mia

Have you become completely enthusiastic, and can you already see yourself walking on the island of Mamma Mia? Book an island hopping trip to the Mama Mia islands now. There you will visit the islands of Skiathos and Skopelos, quiet undiscovered islands where you can enjoy the surroundings, the sun and a drink.

Student Puck Karremans made this trip in 2018, here she tells about her experience.

It has been a while since I went island hopping, it was in 2018. What I did, together with a friend, went to Skopelos and Skiathos for 1.5 weeks during the summer vacation. What my summer vacation usually looks like in 2/3 weeks with my parents on vacation. The year before I went on a drinking holiday and on vacation with my parents. This holiday was different than normal, and it is certainly not a well-known tourist spot, which is what made it so much fun. It is really for people who want peace and want to see beautiful things. Perfect for students who want to get out and about but don’t want to go on a drinking holiday like many fellow students.

My experience with island hopping is as follows: For us, the start of our holiday was completely unsuccessful, because the plane could not land due to the bad weather. We would go to Skopelos first and then to Skiathos. But Skopelos had a short runway and that in combination with the bad weather did not work. So then we had to go back to the mainland, and take the boat in that thunderstorm to Skiathos because that was the closest. Then we slept there one night in a hotel, it was a very luxurious hotel so I thought it was well organized.

The next day we went to Skopelos where we stayed for another 3 days. That means that you only spend the night there, breakfast and so was not included. We went for breakfast every day

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