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Go anywhere you want? I went on a road trip without a plan!

Last summer I went on a road trip with my boyfriend for two weeks! Because of the COVID-19 pandemic🦠, we decided to stay close to the Netherlands. Didn’t we still have an old camper somewhere? Yes right? Let’s go! Unfortunately, our road trip was only 2 weeks, but we have seen so many beautiful places! I’ve described 5 of them for you. Did you become curious...

5 less known places you have to visit in Eastern Europe

Eastern-Europe, full of hidden treasures which will be the perfect destination for a city trip.  Everyone is known with the cities like Budapest, Prague or Kiev. But not everyone knows that there are a lot of beautiful places beyond these three cities. In this article we will tell you something about 5 beautiful destinations in Eastern-Europe, which every person...

10 BEST Things To Do In Shanghai – Why You Should Visit Shanghai

If you like Paris, then you should definitely visit the place known as the ‘Oriental Paris’. Shanghai, China’s biggest and richest city and known as one of China’s greatest economic and cultural centers. The city rivals New York & Paris in terms of modernity and showcases it’s blended culture of the East and the West resulting in this super metropolis...