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Living as an intern in London

Hey, my name is Maba Jarbou, and I form the Netherlands. And I like to share my experience with you about my internship in London. In 2013 I had the opportunity to do an internship abroad. For three months, and had a wonderful time, maybe the best time of my life! In this article, I like to share my journey for those who want to do their internship abroad and...

Island hopping Greece

Mamma Mia, who doesn’t know this movie. The best songs to sing along and the dances to imitate. Not to mention the area, how fantastic does it look there ?! You want to go there! Read on to find out how you can follow in Mamma Mia’s footsteps. The film Mamma Mia is about Donna who runs a hotel on the Greek (fictional) island of Kalokairi. Donna has a...

Meet The nightlife of Colombia

Things to do when you are on a holiday in Columbia? It is a thing which nobody knows but the nightlife of Columbia is a little bit crazy but awesome and you are going to read here why! You can read everything about the nightlife in Columbia in this blog. This includes Bars, Discotecas & Dating Tips. The nightlife in Columbia is great for everyone. You can visit...

Let’s go to the bar

Even in times of Corona we would like to take you to some bars in Brooklyn! What about a perfect pub crawl with your friends. We’ll go to the top 6 bars in Brooklyn with awesome spirits. You can also choose to organize the pub crawl in your own city or house. Choose different rooms and make sure you put on the right music.

Groep 27: Een land vol cultuur en ervaringen om te ontdekken

Welkom bij mijn reisblog over mijn trip naar Colombia. De zomer van 2017 ben ik 4 weken naar Colombia geweest. Hier heb ik kunnen genieten van de cultuur en mensen die te zien zijn in dit land. Samen met mijn gezin een grote trip kriskras door het land heen. Mijn ouders wilden wachten met zo’n grote reis totdat de kinderen (inclusief ikzelf) iets ouder waren. Als...

Top 5 places to eat in Brooklyn

Top 5 places to eat in Brooklyn

As you may know New York City is a giant place with a lot to offer. Located on the east coast of the United States of America with almost 8.5 million inhabitants there is always something to do.You will probably get hungry from all these amazing activities this city has to offer. That is why you will find my five favourite spots to grab a bite in the big apple right...