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I went on a roadtrip and this is what you need to know

A beautiful destiny full of historic cities, the most fun activities, enjoying late night drinks and the biggest festival of Europe, Sziget!

On this blog you will read everything about the roadtrip I made with my four best friends to Croatia and Sziget. We have been on this road trip for about 13 days and drove approximately 4000 kilometres. Besides the magnificent places we have visited and tips for the best destinations, you will also get insight into the total cost. Because, how much money do you spend per person in a two week roadtrip?

With the van

We rented a 9 persons van in the Netherlands, which had 2500 kilometres included for free. Because the total durance of this trip (from Breda to Porec to Sziget and back to Breda) was about 32 hours (3300 kilometres), we wanted enough space in the bus. Therefore we took the rear three seats out of the bus to have room for luggage and a small cooler. After these preparations, we left at 10pm. During the trip we changed seats, so nobody had to drive more than three hours straight. After a short night, we drove along the beautiful lake Chiemsee in Germany. If you have enough time, you can make a short stop here to relax ultimately in nature. It is also possible to do multiple activities on the lake.

Topspiegel van Bled - Fish of a Lifetime van Laurens Opitek - KWO

After some more hours driving towards Slovenia, there is another wonderful lake, called Bled. This lake is probably the most beautiful and most visited lake in Slovenia. In the middle of the lake (bled) is a small 9th century church, which you can visit for a small compensation. In case you would like to swim in the lake or chill at the beach, you could go near the Bled’s campsite.

Rent a car or van for a road trip without any problems with unlimited extra drivers or unlimited kilometers. Go to www.goroadtrip.nl. The minimum of age is 18+.

Total cost for renting a 9 persons van:

Rent cost 14 days                          = €864,-
number of extra km (1500×0,19)= €285,-
Diesel cost 4000km                       = €460,-
Toll                                                   = €46,-                              
Vignette (HU-SI-AT)                      = €45
Total                                                = €1700
Price each person (:5)                  = €340


Porec is one of the biggest cities in Istria and dates from Roman times. If you like culture, you should definitely visit the centre of Porec. Here you’ll find some remnants of palaces built around the 13th century. Besides culture, there are many pebble beaches with clear blue water. It is useful to bring water shoes and a snorkel to discover the underwater world of Porec.

We stayed in a brand-new Airbnb apartment for 5 persons at Mali Maj in Porec (5 minutes’ drive away from the centre of Porec). We had our own apartment, with a shared swimming pool, barbeque and football field.

Porec, een zonovergoten vakantie vol cultuur - dé VakantieDiscounter

Total cost apartment:

6 days rent (1255/5)       = €245,-



Brulo beach is just two kilometres away from the city centre. The beach consists mainly of pebbles and the water is shallow. There are also trees and some grass, thus there is enough shade. Near the beach there are a number of shops where you can get food or drinks. Water sports are also possible at Brulo beach.

We went by boat to the island called Saint Nicolas (Olivia beach). This place is less busy than the other beaches, so there is enough space to relax. However, the island is rocky and the water is deeper. However, there is a big inflatable park on the water for kids. The boat departs from the centre every few minutes. A return ticket costs 40 kuna.

De stranden van Porec; van kiezelstranden tot rotsstranden

The Pical beach is just 15 min walking away from the city centre Porec. If you don’t want to walk you can go by ‘toeristrain’ for 10 kuna. The beach is about 700 meters long and there is a lot of shadow. There is a playground for the kids and there are many restaurants for eating or drinking.

Other beautiful beaches you also visit: Borik beach, Spadici beach, citybeach Porec and Materadas a lot of shadow. There is a playground for the kids and there are many restaurants for eating or drinking. 


Porec is known for its many clubs and discos, which are popular among young people.

Byblos, an open air disco, is by far the most popular and largest club in Porec. It’s 4000 square metres, so enough place. The club opens quite early, at 11pm, and closes at 6am. Every night there are other DJs, each with their own music style. You can find the music styles on the website of Byblos. The minimum age is 18 years.


Club Villa is an open air disco in the middle of the park, next to the beach. There are no entrance costs, but the drinks are more expensive than in the Netherlands. This disco has room for no less than 1000 people. During the day, Club Villa is a lounge bar at the beach. Therefore it opens at 10am. Its closing time is unknown.

Saint & Sinner is partly open air and is situated in the city centre. The club is opened between 10pm and 4am.

Other discos in Porec are: Club Plava, Epoca and Café del Mar.

The total costs of a night out in Porec depend on the person you are. Besides, taxi prices are negotiable. My average expenses were as follows:

Drinks                                              €40,-
Taxi (between €15-€20)               €5,-


Kayak & Bike Tours/Rent in Istria, Pula – Cape Kamenjak – Jistra ...

Besides chilling at the beach, snorkelling and going out, there are also other things to do in and around Porec. For example, we made a 4 or 5-hour canoe trip at sea from Prementura (1 hour drive from Porec). They made us a route along several caves and cliffs, where you can jump off. The caves weren’t that special, but the overall trip was amazing to experience. See canoeing is very tough as a beginner though, so take your time for this trip.

Total cost for renting a canoe:

Canoe                                              €14,40


The biggest aquapark of Croatia, Aquacolors, is also situated in Porec. It is about 10 kilometres away from the centre. It is highly recommended to go here. You can enjoy yourself for hours with all the slides and other water attractions. For people who are not afraid of heights, there is a 48 metres high slide where you will have a ‘free fall’. The aquapark also has a wave pool that turns on every half hour. The sun beds are available for a small fee (€3,50).

Total cost for one entrance ticket:

Entrance ticket (student discount)=€23,50

If you love the sea you can also hire a boat at Porec and visit beautiful places. But be on time if you want to rent a boat, because when we visited Porec everything was out of stock. Here you can find private boats. https://www.clickandboat.com/nl/boot-huren/kroati%C3%AB/pore%C4%8D or go to this website https://www.samboat.nl/boot-huren/porec-croatie


Konoba Aba is a restaurant of the region they surve Croatian dishes, like risotto, pasta and sea dishes. The price is a little bit higher than others. On the other hand, the service is very friendly and has a high rating on tripadvisor. Book in advance, because it can be busy in the high season.

Pizzeria Nono is a traditional Italian pizzaria in Porec. However, you can also eat delicious grill dishes and pasta. The view in this area is less, because it is placed in a less busy street.

For every vegetarian or vegan there is a restaurant you can eat for a little price. Restaurant Artha is completely vegetarian/vegan and you can come for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

Restaurant Divino is a bit more luxurious than other restaurants. At this location you have a beautiful view at the sea and the island Nicolas. So, you pay for the location and view. You can eat local specialties from the Croation kitchen.

Total cost for dinner and drinks:

Normal price dinner                     = €25,-
Three times dinner                       = €75


Tips for Sziget Festival: the 10 best tips! | Maximal Trips

A week-long party on an island with more than 450.000 visitors: Sziget. It is the biggest festival of Europe and takes place in Budapest, once a year. We added this place also to our road trip and stayed at the island for three days. It was an incredible party. Over a thousand different bands and 60 stages: it is just ultimate enjoyment. Besides, there is so much more than only music. There are a lot of other activities, such as bungeejumping to feel the adrenaline and watching one of the circus shows. If you’re more into some relaxing, you can chill at the beach – or at the amazing skybar – with a cocktail or you could even take a yoga class. You will be amazed by the wide range of activities. But how do you survive this enormous festival? I’ll tell you some things you might want to know before visiting Sziget.
  1. Set up your tent early in the morning, so the change for the best places are bigger. Do not set your tent up in the middle – but on the edge – of the festival site. This will benefit your night’s sleep because the party will continue until the early hours and will start again early in the morning. So basically, you’ll hear music all day long (maybe bring some earplugs!).

  2. Take disinfectant with you, because there are not many sanitary facilities where you can wash your hands. We personally found the mobile toilets and showers too dirty, so we went multiple times to a bathhouse in the centre of Budapest to freshen up. However, there are also toilets with running water at the festival site that may be cleaner than the mobile toilets.

  3. Do not leave your valuables in your tent, but leave them in your car or in a locker. You can park your car securely for a fee.

  4. If you prefer luxury, you can also book the VIP camping. You’ll have more space, cleaner toilets and showers and even access to a swimming pool.

  5. Somewhere on the festival site is a hidden stage behind a portable toilet. You just have to search for a toilet where people are walking in and out.

  6. Buy a tent that is not so luxurious, so if it’s damaged you can throw it away. Many party people just left the tent behind on Sziget.

  7. Be careful with using drugs, because the law in Hungary is harder than The Netherlands.

Totale cost of sziget:                    

3-day ticket incl secured parking= €224,60
Food and drinks per day (3×50)  = €150,-
Bathhouses Boedapest  (2×10)   = €20
Taxi to bathhouses         (2×3)     = €6
Total each person                         =€400,60


This roadtrip to Porec and Sziget was one of the most beautiful and remembered holidays. We had a lot of fun while snorkeling, canoeing, swimming at the aquapark, enjoying drinks at night ans spending the rest of the night in a club. We often played foot volley next to the apartment and used the barbeque for dinner.

The total cost of this roadtrip, 1 person:
Van                                           = €340,-
AirBnB                                      = €245,-
Clubs                                        = €130
Activities                                  = €37,50
Dinner                                      = €75,-
Sziget                                        = €400
Supermarket                           = €60
TOTAL                                      = €1287,50

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