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Downhill Mountainbiking – Winterberg Germany

The walhalla for every downhill mountainbike fanatic is the German Winterberg. This enormously famous wintersports location is also an amusement park for active holidaymakers in the summer months. Besides mountain biking / cycling there are many other activities to experience, such as climbing, tobogganing and hiking.

The area has an extensive biking park. With over ten different tracks, built with spectacular descents, jumps and fast turns, this area is the dream of every downhill mountain biker. The winter sports area offers a great advantage for you as a mountain biker. After an intensive downhill, you can use the chairlifts in the area, together with your bike, to get back up the mountain. The different routes vary from beginners to professional level and are therefore accessible to everyone.

Are you not in possession of your own bike or do you happen to be around and do you think it’s cool to take a hard shot off a mountain? The many bike stores in the area offer a solution by renting suitable equipment, including downhill mountain bikes.



The municipality of Winterberg is located in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The municipality consists of nineteen different villages. The town itself has almost thirteen thousand inhabitants, making it one of the larger one in the municipality. For most Dutch people Winterberg is known as the nearest ski area, with an altitude of 500 to 800 meters above sea level.

This town is only 300 kilometers away from the Netherlands. This makes it possible to arrive within four driving hours. The short travel time certainly contributes to the attractiveness of this place. The distance can easily be covered by car, making it easy to take your own equipment with you.
If you don’t have the time or the desire to spend an entire vacation in this region, it is even profitable to drive up and down for just one day. But if you do feel like staying longer than one day, read on and find more information under the chapter ‘Accommodation’.


AccommodationHotel Winterberg
You don’t have to worry about a place to stay, not even without a reservation. Because of the annual wintersports area, there are plenty of places to stay. The offer consists of hotels, apartments, vacation homes, Bed&Breakfast’s and accommodations. As a result, there is a suitable accommodation for every group size.

A lot of hotels and B&B’s can be found in and around Winterberg. For example, you can book an overnight stay at Avital Hotel, a four star hotel 200 meters from the city center, for only €84. In a radius of five kilometers from the city center is an abundance of hotels, which offer overnight stays between €60 and €100. This option is mainly suitable for groups of 2 to 3 persons (families).

Do you need a little more privacy? Then local apartments are an ideal option for you. The prices of these accommodations are on average a bit higher than those of the local hotels, but on the other hand, they are accessible for several people. For example, most apartments are equipped for a minimum of four people and prices vary between €120 and €200. This option is suitable for groups of 4 to 6 people (larger families / small groups of friends).

Finally, Winterberg has vacation homes / accommodations to offer. These are usually for groups larger than six people and are often located more outside the city. The advantage of these accommodations is that there is room for the whole group and you are not split up between different rooms/apartments. Where the aforementioned options can be found through various booking sites such as Trivago, Airbnb is an absolute must for this option. Airbnb accommodations are often houses where the person is not present during those weeks. The chance that you will end up in a clean house is considerable.

Dining FacilitiesRestaurant Winterberg

The many hotel kitchens in the city offer a wide variety of dishes. In addition to these hotel-restaurants, there are also numerous individual restaurants that can provide you with an extensive bite to eat. The dishes vary from Sauerland specialties to international culinary dishes. Seasonal dishes made from local ingredients are highly recommended during your stay in Winterberg.

For more information about the restaurants in the heart of Winterberg:




Ancillary Activities

If you get tired of downhill mountain biking during your stay in Winterberg, there are plenty of side activities to fill your day with. The most common activities in this area are: cross-country & trial mountain biking, tobogganing, climbing, hiking & shopping.

Cross-country & trial mountain biking differs slightly from downhill mountain biking. In downhill, as the name suggests, the aim is to get off the mountains as quickly as possible. In cross-country it is precisely the intention to be able to climb with your bike, hard over routes (without many jumps) to pop and good and tight steering. Because of this contradiction, it is not possible to practice these two different versions of mountain biking with the same bike. A downhill mountain bike is a very heavy bike, which is equipped with a heavy frame, sturdy wheels and a good suspension package. The cross-country bike, on the other hand, is a lightweight bike that is built on aerodynamics and speed.

Downhill and cross-country mountain biking is mainly focused on speed, trial mountain biking is another counterpart. This form of mountain biking is the more recreational form of the sport. Because of this, a trial mountain bike is built on comfort and control, so that you can take the dirt tracks at your own pace.

If you’ve had enough of downhill mountain biking during your stay but not yet the speed, rent a cross-country mountain bike at the local bike store and experience this branch of the sport. If you have just had enough of the speed but not yet of cycling, then opt for a trial mountain bike and enjoy a little more of the nature around you during your trip on the unpaved trails.

Do you prefer a bit more speed during the activities? Then tobogganing is for you! In the mountain bike season you can toboggan on the local toboggan run. The cart is pulled up the mountain, after which you will cover a course of no less than 700 meters. This track is open all year round and is definitely worth a try.

If you happen to end up in Winterberg outside the mountain bike season, there are several special toboggan runs created on the slopes. These are not in a cart on want, but on a sled.

Besides cycling and tobogganing, you can also choose activities above ground. In the local Kletterwald there are several climbing courses with different levels of difficulty. By means of several cable cars, the longest is even 84 meters, the courses are connected.

If you’ve had enough of an active vacation, you can also empty your head in Winterberg by taking a nice walk in the beautiful area. There are several hiking trails mapped out for you, varying in length, that will show you the beautiful nature of Winterberg.

Last but not least for the ladies, there is also excellent shopping in the village center. Here you can find a lot of cosy stores and trendy boutiques, where fashion trends, accessories or sports items can be found.

If you’re looking forward to reading this blog and can’t wait to book your mountain bike trip to Winterbergen? Then book your trip now via Trivago (groups up to 6 people) or via Airbnb (groups from 6 people).




For more information about the activities in Winterberg, please visit the links below.


Summer Toboggan Track

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