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Muay Thai is a Martial Arts which is nowadays mostly known as Thai Boxing. Also, this sport is known as the Art of Eight Limbs which are composed of fists, elbows, knees as well as feet (UKEssays, 2018). So, with this boxing sport almost all parts of the body are used. Muay Thai is also the national sport in Thailand. With its advantages and disadvantages regarding health for example, this is a well-discussed yet highly interesting boxing form. Therefore, with this blog, the aim is to provide the reader from relevant information about this sport. This blog is subdivided into four categories, to start with the history of the beautiful fighting sport. Also, the fighting techniques are discussed shortly, followed by information on protection aspects of this fighting sport. Last, the advantages and why Muay Thai is very good to participate in.




As mentioned above, Muay Thai is defined as a Martial Arts. Considering the historical aspects of this boxing form, it is a combat sport that finds its origin in a noble art with antique traditions. The sport began its journey from the Kingdom of Thailand already more than 2000 years ago, and only developed more during the decades. According to Gian Carlo Corba, (2015), in those ancient times, tribes merged in actual clans and that is why confrontation between fighters of different regions was inevitable. All those regions had different fighting styles as well. This historic construction exists of three main regional styles that have influenced the Muay Thai on how it is nowadays, namely; Korat Lopburi and Chaya (Corba, 2015). An interesting fact regarding the history of Muay Thai, is that the first modern Muay Thai boxing ring called Suan Kulap, was built at the Suan Khoolab School in 1921 in Thailand, when World War I ended (Beach Republic, 2020). Also, a lot of debates arose during the years about the birth of Muay Thai, as the origins probably can be traced already back to 1238. During this time, the first Thai army was formed in the northern city of Sukhothai (Beach Republic, 2020). The reason of this, is that the fighting men were enlisted in order to defend the city. The sport began to develop more and more throughout the years, and only after 1925 rules were set for the game, and after 1945 the weight categories, rounds, gloves are imbedded into the boxing sport. Also, the fights moved from street locations to rings in stadiums (Corba, 2015).





In boxing sports, fighting techniques are the basement of the sport as a whole and play a significant role in how the fighting is done and executed by the boxers. Coming straight to the point, Muay Thai possesses a lot of fighting techniques, as those have been developed throughout the decades with its rich history. The formal Muay Thai techniques can be divided into two sections. The first group called ‘’mae mai’’, in English translated ‘’major techniques’’ and the ‘’luk mai’’, translated in English ‘’minor techniques’’ (Wikipedia, 2020). According to Wikipedia (2020), Muay Thai is often a fighting art of attrition, where opponents exchange blows with one another. The parts of the body used during a fight, are called ‘’weapons’’. The first fighting technique is the ‘’punch technique’’ by mainly using the fists and wrists effectively during a fight. The second techniques can be linked with the elbows of the body, and how to use them properly in a fight, and is called the ‘’elbow technique’’. The third technique is executed by the knee-part of the body, as it is called the ‘’knee techniques’’. Here, knees are used efficiently. The fourth techniques are the kick techniques, as this is a very important technique within this sport as well. The fifth technique is defined as the ‘’Master Tricks’’ which is the main movement that you can use to defeat your opponent. The sixth and the last main technique is called the ‘’complimentary tricks’’ where the supplement moves to use in the match. All those mentioned categories of fighting techniques are again subdivided into different strikes, kicks and tricks. To conclude, the fighting techniques are based on a few elements; punching, elbow, kicking, knee, foot-thrust, clinch and neck-wrestling and defense against attacks.




Within this fighting sport, and also based on the origin, not much equipment regarding protection is used. The significant protection within this fighting sport are the gloves, as all body parts are used, but the hands and the body of the sparring partner should be protected at all times. Also, Muay Thai shorts are very important as well as the comfortable clothing. A mouthguard is used as well nowadays. Within every fighting sport, the risk of getting injured is present. As the protection level within this sport is not really high, the risk of getting injured is relatively high, especially considering the face of the fighters. Therefore, the fighters are both responsible for the way and how the sport is carried out during the fight. Therefore, teachers and tutors are there in order to teach the fighters skills such as self-control and aggression skills. Those skills are needed in this sport, as a lack of those skills might cause dangerous and unpleasant situations.





Muay Thai supports the maintenance of good health, as well as developing discipline and teaching and possessing important self-defense skills. Talking about the striking martial arts, Muay Thai is one of the most effective arts in the world and possesses of a rich history, meaning that this boxing is tested in a lot of real-life situations and is considered as a powerful sport. So, this martial art has a lot of practical uses in real-life.


Compared to other fighting sports and martial arts, Muay Thai allows the practitioner to use all the parts of the body, while standup fighting. As all those weapons of the human body are used, it is very effective and supports the health status of the human body.

However, as there are a lot of different techniques within this sport, this sport is known for its raw and simple aspects as the basement of this sport. That is also why Muay Thai fighting can be carried out and used by everyone and is not only meant for strong high-level fighters. Even inexperienced children and woman can participate in the process of Muay Thai. In Thailand, most children start this form of fighting when having the age of five. When doing this form of martial arts, the health benefits are very high. During the fighting, jumps, running and the strikes all physical exertions are used. Furthermore, Muay Thai is a really good way to burn fat and lose some weight while also working on the body core, flexibility and body strength in general. So; Muay Thai is a standard and can be considered as a perfect total body workout and will bring your health to the next level. Next to that, Muay Thai will really add value to the human mental being, body and spirit.



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Did this blog create curiosity and excitement for martial arts, and would you like to learn more about the different specific techniques teached during different sorts of martial arts?

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