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Why you should visit the spearhead island rhodes

Rhodes – The island of sun god Helios

The island of Rhodes is one of the top 3 largest islands of Greece. The island is known as sun island and is rich in tourism. The island is characterized by rugged terrain and great buildings and monuments. The island has many reasons to visit. In this blog I will explain why you should definitely put this beautiful island on your bucket list.  By explaining all the sights in this blog I give you a good and clear picture why you should visit rhodes.


Top 5 must see Rhodes

1. The beaches at the south side of the island 
2. Lindos town
3. Dive sites on the island
4. Rhodos old town
5. One of the surrounding islands (or turkey; you can see the island)

Information about Rhodes

If you’re planning to go to Rhodes on holiday you’ll have to deal with a number of fun side effects. For example, it is not very long flight to Rhodes city. Because of the fast connection to the Netherlands you are within a few hours in a sunny area and you can start relaxing.

Furthermore, there are endless possibilities on Rhodes. The island has an area of almost 1,400km2 and is one of the largest islands in Greece. The island has a wide range of nature, beaches and attractions.

The beaches at the south side of the island 

We can talk about this for hours. Where on the north side of the island you’ll only find pebble beaches. On the south side of the island you will find the most beautiful beaches. We’ll be happy to explain one to you. That’s Quins Bay. This place is hidden between all the precipices and high mountains. Once you get there, you’re gonna spend the whole trip here to enjoy it. It’s so beautiful here, you won’t want to leave. The diversity of plants and animals, the underwater life and the beautiful snorkel and diving spots. This beach is definitely our preference on the island. Go on time from this beach is popular with the locals. You will find them here regularly! 

Lindos town

Lindos is a town on the east coast of the island. It is about 50 kilometers drive from the capital. Lindos is characterized by the beautiful and striking white cottages which are clearly visible from the approach route. These cottages are equipped with white lime. This beautiful resort is characterized by beautiful beaches, nice streets and beautiful authentic shops.

Authentic surroundings

The village centre is a car-free zone, so the only way to get around is on foot or with a very popular means of transport; a donkey. Advice is to come in the afternoon as all large groups will be strolling the streets early in the morning. These groups come from various group tours or cruise ships. This village is characterized by several small shops and nice terraces on top of these shops. This gives you a good view over the sea and the entire valley.

Why Lindos?

Everyone is nice! The whole village runs on tourism and is therefore very friendly. Besides these friendly residents, it is a very nice and especially beautiful place to visit.
In addition, there are a number of beautiful beaches around Lindos. These beaches are located in a bay so you can swim.

Dive sites on the island

Rhodes is known as an island with many beautiful dive sites. These places are characterized by the beautiful coral and the beautiful underwater world. Many corals and plants provide an enormous beautiful diversity.

Some beautiful places to visit are the places near Lindo and St. Quins bay.

These places are very suitable for a beginners dive. The depth of the water is not too dangerous and the spots are enormously beautiful.

Rhodos old town

The old center of Rhodes Town is characterized by high walls and beautiful castles. The town is over 2,400 years old and is one of the few medieval towns that has retained its true characteristics.

Within the city walls you will find a wide range of cafes and places of interest. Pay a visit to the old port and see the centuries-old windmills. These mills are typical of Rhodes and you will find them on every fridge magnet.

And then the versatility! Rhodes has an area of almost 1,400 km² and is one of the largest Greek islands. On this surface, beach, culture and nature come together. This makes that there is also endless things to do on Rhodes. We put the must do’s for you in a row!

Go sniff culture in Rhodes City
Doing on Rhodes: old town Rhodes CityThe cultural highlight of Rhodes is without doubt Rhodes City, the capital in the north of the island. The city centre, which is enclosed by beautiful city walls, is more than 2,400 years old. A medieval gem!

Within the 4 km long city walls you will find a collection of narrow alleys full of shops, restaurants, bars and places of interest. Pay a visit to the Ridderstraat, where you will find the Palaceof the Grand Masters. Don’t miss the lively Mandráki harbour.

One of the surrounding islands (or turkey; you can see the island)

During your visit to rhodes it is highly recommended to visit one of the surrounding islands. These islands are a maximum of 1 hour by boat from the island. These islands are characterized by beautiful coastal strips, beautiful unspoiled nature and beautiful settlements. When the weather is nice it is even possible to book a trip to Turkey. This is good to see from rhodes and also worth a visit.



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