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A trip through Namibia: 4 places you must visit!

Trip to Namibia Africa

Hello readers, I am a student at the Avans University in Breda. In this blog i want to take you with me on my trip through Namibia Africa and tell you all about a few places i visited. Personally I thought these were the most excited places. So sit back, grab some food, drinks and enjoy going on this journey with me.

In the summer of 2019 I visited the country of Namibia. The trip lasted 20 days and in this article I want to delve deeper into the abandoned Ghost town, The Walvisbaai, Etosha national park and the Sossusvlei. Our travel schedule was tight, we had to drive at least 200km to the next destination every day. We did this during the day and made sure there was enough slack should something go wrong. In the evening the temperature drops down quickly and it is dangerous to drive around on the deserted dirt roads. We drove from lodge to lodge that we booked in advance.  I also strongly recommend planning the trip in advance to avoid any surprises.

Namibia Dunes

1. Kolmanskop Ghost town

so we continued our journey from place to place until we ended up in a very strange abandoned village, which I would like to tell you more about. The abandoned town of Kolmanskop is located at the coast of Namibia. Diamonds were once searched here, but nowadays sand is mainly found.

The place was named after John Coleman, a truck driver who got into a terrible sand storm. Until World War II, more than 1000kg of diamonds were extracted in Kolmanskop. After that, this source was exhausted. In 1928, geologists discovered diamond fields on the north bank of the Orange River . Kolmanskop faced his doom. The last maintainers left the town in 1956.

When a house had to be built in Luderitz (a town nearby) windows, doors, floors and roofs were removed from Kolmanskop. Tourists dragged souvenirs and vandals smashed windows and destroyed walls. In the 1960s, almost all of the iron was scrapped and sold to Japan. The train tracks were pulled out and the diamond washing machine was blown up for more iron. The village has only been protected by sandstorms. Since 1980 nothing can be taken or changed anymore.

And now, more than 60 years later after Kolmanskop was forgotten, the German diamond seekers no longer dominate the town but the large amounts of sand do. The houses and buildings are snowed under by the grains. Travelers can now take a tour along with a guide or on their own. With a camera at ready ofcourse, because everything looks incredibly special and strange.

And yes … the chances that you might  find such a rough stone are there, that makes it extra cool to visit this bizarre place!


Namibie_Ghost town9Namibie_Ghost town 12

Namibie_Ghost town7Namibie_Ghost town 5

Namibie_Ghost town 6


2. Walvisbaai

Walvis Bay is named after the many whales that came to eat plankton in the deep bay off the coast. It is now the most important port in Namibia and a breeding ground for birds of all shapes and sizes. The place of interest in this coastal town is the lagoon. This is due to the Flamingos and pelicans coloring the waters there. Sometimes they give a great show when they spread their wings and fly away in large groups. Get out of bed early, go on a boat trip or rent a canoe and discover the area! Maybe you will come in contact with whales, dolphins and seals.

Dune 7

Just outside the city is Dune 7, which is the area’s highest sand dune. It is great fun to climb the huge dune, but also a challenge. Once you are at the top you have a breathtakingly beautiful view of the surroundings. In the area you will also find a very special desert plant. The Welwitschia Mirabilis can live up to 2,000 years old.


Walvisbaai 4

Walvisbaai 3

3. Etosha National Park

With 22.270 km, the Etosha National Park is more than half the size of the Netherlands. In 1907, the first governor of the German government declared large areas of land a protected area. The reason was professional hunters who shot many animals. the park has more than 130,000 visitors a year and is therefore the main attraction in Namibia. Due to its location and vastness, it is one of the most beautiful protected natural areas in the world.

Etosha is a very seasonal park and, although it can be visited throughout the year, all the action happens during the dry months from May to October. At this time water supplies are restricted to a few waterholes and the grass is short, making wildlife-watching very easy. Animals disperse during the Wet season from November to April.

The elephants of Etosha

During the ride, visitors rarely see an elephant, but they are certainly there. The elephants of Etosha are the largest animal on the continent with a length of 4m! The most remarkable thing about the big animal is the very close family connection. In most cases, the herd is headed by a female, calves grow up together with the adult animals. Young females often act as nannies for the babies and take care of the young animals. Just like people, elephants also mourn dead family members. Funeral rites regularly take place, the dead animals are then covered with twigs and earth. The herd stands in a circle around the grave and then slowly leave together. a remarkable event that still intrigues zoologists

Etosha 8

Etosha 9Etosha 6

4. Sossusvlei

Is a must for anyone who can appreciate different landscapes. This beautiful nature reserve has the largest sand dunes In all of Namibia. The dunes have unique colors that change when the sun rises and sets. This is a spectacle that you really should not miss. The Sossusvlei is a beautiful valley into which the Tsauchab River flows. However, this does not mean that water can be found. this only occurs this happens once every few years. The valley is therefore mainly known as a valley with impressive red sand dunes that are also very high. Some sand dunes are so high that they have even been given a name.

Deadvlei is located next to the Sussusvlei. This valley is completely closed off from water. which has ensured that no trees or shrubs grow anymore. Many of these trees have broken down, but others have simply dried up as they once bloomed. The dead trees give the landscape a somewhat sad, but admirable, impression.

Sossusvlei 3Sossusvlei 2

Sossusvlei 1Sossusvlei 8

Sossusvlei 6


So after reading my blog I hope you are considering a trip to Namibia. I tried to sum up the top places I think are the most fun to visit. Besides visiting the Ghost town, Walvisbaai, Etosha national park and Sossusvlei, the freedom Namibia has givin us, Is something I will always remember. Just you, enjoying nature, animals and differant landscapes, away from all the densely populated places In the world.


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