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Let’s go to the bar

Even in times of Corona we would like to take you to some bars in Brooklyn! What about a perfect pub crawl with your friends. We’ll go to the top 6 bars in Brooklyn with awesome spirits. You can also choose to organize the pub crawl in your own city or house. Choose different rooms and make sure you put on the right music.

The best bar in Brooklyn is The Long Island Bar in Cobble Hill. It’s one of the most iconic bars from the ‘50s. Bartender Toby Cecchini is a legend if it comes to cocktails. Of course you should drink a Long Island Iced Tea when visiting The Long Island bar. It’s a cocktail with loads of booze, but you need to figure out what the right measurements are to make it like Toby Cecchini. A good cocktail is more then booze and soda’s together.

Its an old bar with a new life! Toby doesn’t only make perfect cocktails, he also brought back life in this amazing bar of the ‘50s. Even though you can still spot the cigarette burns in the gleaming bar. I wouldn’t recommend to start smoking to create these spots in your house as well. But mention they are there when you organize your corona proof pub crawl at home. Shop for some vinyl barstools to create an similar look as in The Long Island bar. Start mixing 15ml of Gin, Tequilla, Wodka, White Rum, Triple Sec, 60 ml of Coca Cola and 10ml of Lime juice, for the Long Island Iced Tea. Make sure you only drink one or two of those Long Island Iced Tea’s, otherwise you’ll probably won’t make it to the second bar.

After you enjoyed your first cocktail and 50s music, we will go to the second bar Elsa. It’s named after the Italian Elsa Schiaparelli, a fashion powerhouse. It looks hardly European but is also barely Brooklyn. But it’s also in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. There are a lot of different guests ate Elsa’s bar, the type who drinks barrels of beer and the cocktail lovers. Please order or make The Handsome Grandson! I don’t mean a real grandson of course…

To make a perfect Handsome Grandson you’ll need 2 ounces of gin with ¾ ounce of bay leaf syrup and lime juice and some basil leaves. Strain the drink into a hurricane glass and add crushed ice. Now top it of with Soda, pomegranate juice and some bay leaves. We’ll I think you just created the easiest Handsome Grandson you could imagine, without even waiting a lifetime! Enjoy you drink with the music of the 70s.

Before you move your ass to the next bar, make sure everyone is joining you! After two of those amazing cocktail you don’t want to leave someone behind. Especially not when the trip to the next bar is a bit further this time!

We are going to make a stop in East Williamsburg and this time it isn’t a cocktail bar! We will go to one of the best brewery’s in Brooklyn, the Grimm Artisanal Ales. One-fourth of the taproom exists out of oak barrels. In total there are 160 of them and it takes one fourth of the space. Their main drinks are barrel aged sours. So the beers most likely have Brett yeast in it. If you’re a beer drinker and you would like to taste one? Try the Living Daylight. It’s a dry hopped sour ale. It’s a quit mild variety of a sour beer. If you ask the bartender nicely, he will give you a taster first. If you do not like the taste of a sour. There is another very nice beer, it is sweet dark beer with vanilla flavours. This Cake Stout is one of the strongest beers of the brewery. If you can not choose between the variety of beers, you can always buy some cans in their shop.

For the next bar we stay in Williamsburg, but we go to another cocktail bar. Maison Premiere is a gorgeous salon. It’s focus lays on two ingredients, oysters and absinthe. Absint is a a mythical anise flavoured liqueur. There are 19 varieties of the liqueur, but they are all above 80 % alcohol. The best cocktail of Maison Premiere is The Carondolet. The flavours of Gin, Orange-flower water, citrus and Maldon salt make a perfect match to oysters. They serve the cocktail in a baloonglas and but the oyster on top of it. If you’re not a fan of oysters, you can always give it to someone else who’s sitting at the marble-topped bar.

It’s probably time to eat something. So we go to another bar, The Warren. It is a Bistro in West Village with a very tasteful menu. On a weekday there is a happy hour until 8pm, so you’ll get two-for-one beers and selected wines. For diner we advise you to start with a traditional appetizers like chicken liver foie gras, steak tartare or oysters. As a entrees, the black pepper fettuccine with pancetta is one of the best dishes of this bistro. As main course the lamb is perfect. The make it with a honey-thyme sauce. So it’s sweet and hearty at the same time. If you are very hungry you can also go for the big burger with union jam and you choice of Roquefort.

The name of the next bar is a nod to David Bowie’s fourth album, Hunky Dory. It is established in Crown Heights. ‘The golden year’ is one of their most famous cocktails. The cocktails of Hunky Dory are made with recycled ingredients from the kitchen. It does not sound very tasteful, but trust me it is. Just try it and you will agree with me.

Lets go to Bushwick! We will end the Pub Crawl in Bushwick at Mood Ring. The name conjures a Agnes Moorehead of Stevie Nicks. We started this pub crawl with a long island iced tea, and we will also end with it. The art of a selve made Long Island Iced tea is the key of Mood Ring. At this bar you are allowed to make your own cocktail. Of course the bartenders will help you to use the right measures. You can make a herbal, sweet or strong cocktail. After this cocktail you are probably drunk enough, please order the pork dumplings and discover that this is all a front for what could be a dumpling speakeasy.

Hopefully you and your friends will have a joyfull pubcrawl in Brooklyn or at home. Make sure you eat and drink enough! If you have been in Brooklyn itself, we would like to thank you for participating at the pubcrawl. The bars are thankful you have been there to help them through the Corona Pandemic. If you want to know more about the recipes of the cocktails, you can find them on the websites of the bars.

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