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Beautiful places for influencers

Are you curious about the best places for influencers? In this blogpost we discus the best places in Greece. After reading you know where to find the most original content in Greece.

Paleokastritsa (Corfu)
Paleokastritsa is located on the west coast of the island of Corfu and is one of the most popular tourist spots in Corfu. It is a breathtakingly beautiful seaside resort and also one of the oldest seaside resorts in Corfu. Paleokastritsa is known for its many beautiful beaches and bays. You can discover the bays by boat and there is also the possibility to take a look at the caves. Paleokastritsa mainly has two large bays with a green peninsula in the middle. The peninsula is also home to the famous “Panagio Theotokos tis Paleokastritsas Monastery”. This monastery is open to tourists and beautiful photos can be taken here for impressive Instagram content. The monastery dates from 1228 (!). However, most of the buildings that still stand today are from the 18th century. The monastery is definitely worth a look. There are beautiful paintings and there is a museum in the monastery. For a few euros you can already enter the museum. There is also a beautiful inner garden, which can certainly provide great content if you take pictures there. The monastery can be reached by both car and boat. In addition, you can snorkel well in Paleokastritsa, because of the beautifull many fish and the other sea creatures. With an underwater camera, this can produce impressive pictures that are beautiful for your Instagram feed, because Paleokastritsa has an azure blue sea.

What you should definitely go to Paleokastritsa for is the many restaurants. You can eat well here and it is also very pleasant in the evenings thanks to the bands that play there. In these restaurants you can eat mainly Greek-Mediterranean dishes by candlelight. If you are a fish lover then you have to go to restaurant Artisti. Many fish dishes are offered here. Would you rather go to a chic restaurant? Then you better go to restaurant Skeloydi. In this restaurant you pay more than in many other restaurants. When you have enjoyed the food, it is very nice to have a cocktail at the bars next to the restaurants.

This ancient Greek capital has several names. The names Nafplion Peloponnese and Nauplia are also used. The town has many beautiful sights, making it a well-known tourist place for foreign tourists but also for residents of Greece. There are many beautiful towns on the peninsula but I think Nafplio is the most beautiful. Of course, this ancient Greek city has a beautiful harbor. In the distance you can see the old fort, which dates back to the 18th century. Do you want to visit this beautiful building for a nice photo? Via Tripadvisor you can find tours that show you the whole city. The costs of a city trip are around 11 euros. Nafplio has more to offer than just the old fort. You should also visit the Vouleftiko Tzami mosque from 1550. Because the old mosque has been restored, you will also find beautiful locations for content on Instagram here. The mosque is no longer used for religion but remains an important tourist hotspot. . After a long city trip it is time to have something to eat. Pidalio Tavern is a traditional Greek restaurant with a 4.7-star ranking from over 2000 reviews. There are many more authentic restaurants in the city. On the way to the center you will find mezedakia everywhere, this is the Greek version of tapas. This is nice to post on your social media channels, messedakia is much less known than tapas so you have something original on your feed. The small dishes are served in a beautiful way so you get a beautiful photo. On the other side of the city they are working on a new shopping center. Here you will find the trendy restaurants that use less of the Greek old style. In the old center you can still see a lot of use of marble in the chic boutiques. When you are tired of the center you can also swim in the sea. The name of the city beach is Arvanitia. Like most other Greek beaches, it is also full of large pebbles. On the beach you will find a bar called Blublanc, also here you can take nice pictures with the thatched umbrellas in the background. The beach bar has a tropical atmosphere and a view of the open sea. In addition, the beach is located under the Palamidi castle and is also very easily accessible. All this close together is also a must-visit location for beautiful content. There is also a large beach a few kilometers further. Several beach clubs can be found at this location on the beach. Karathona Beach is located south of Nafplio and can be reached by public transport. It is a huge semicircle beach. It is surrounded by mountains where you can walk. Via the walking routes you will reach the most beautiful places with a beautiful view. When you are high on the mountain, the shape of the beach is clearly visible, which results in beautiful photos. It is a long walk but well worth it.

In short, from the previously listed information, it can be concluded that Greece is definitely recommended for great content. The country has many different attractions to offer such as Lake Voulismeni in Agios Nikitas, the washed up shipwreck in Navagio Beach and the “Panagio Theotokos tis Paleokastritsas Monastery” in Paleokastritsa where you can also eat very well. Greece also has a lot of beautiful white beaches with a clear, azure blue sea. You can enjoy the pebble beach Navagio Beach, where turtles come to lay their eggs, and the beach of Paleokastritsa, where you can snorkel well. For those who would also like to taste something of the nightlife of Greece, are welcome in the nightlife of Agios Nikitas. So, all in all, there is a lot to recommend in beautiful Greece. And not entirely unimportant; you can shoot the most beautiful photos that can provide you with great content. So Greece is very enjoyable.





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