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Everything about a green trip to athens



The struggle of nowadays life. There is so much to see, but you don´t want to pollute the air and
contribute to worsening the earths climate. Of course there are options. For the sporty types, there
are the bicycle trips. But StudentTrippin understands; not everybody is looking for something like

Green travel options
For the responsible travellers we all know is a solution. With this solution you can travel all around
the world, no borders and no restriction, but most importantly; no emissions.
Many international airlines are offering you a great solution, and it’s called; Co2 compensated flights.
There are a lot of discussions about but it is an option if there is no other alternative.
This is how it works; you buy your tickets for a determined amount, on top of that you pay a
determined percentage of your ticket. The airline company you are flying with makes sure the money goes to a right organisation.
https://flygrn.com/ is a website that helps you with making a choice for the right ticket and airline.
But if you want to contribute to the climate, I’ve got some tips for you.
The first one is simple; travel less. It is a sad reality but if you don’t want to pollute the climate, it is
one of the best options. But the better part of the story is; if you go less on vacation or trips, you
probably enjoy it more when you go.

If you want to travel, the best option is per train! This is way better for the climate.
Another tip from me is to look closer to home. Often people go to a destination that is far from their
home, meanwhile a kind of the same place is way closer to home than you think.
But let’s take a look for a trip to Athens. For example, if you travel from Amsterdam Central, there is
a train opportunity. There is a normal train but also a night train, where you can sleep in your own
compartment. From Amsterdam to Athens would take you 7 hours of your time.
When you are not convinced of traveling by train and yet choose to take a flight, this is what you
should know; the flight only cost your 3 hours and 10 minutes. But there is more than only the flight.
You need to go to the airport, check in etc. But for less travel time, you pay more and it is also a bad
choice from a climate perspective. 

Activities in Athens, Greece.
What can you do when you visit Athens? Today I am going to tell you what to do when you visit
Athens and how you can do this CO2 neutral. There are so many exiting things to do in Athens so I
hope this blog will help you to spend you’re time optimal. We ordered this item in 3 categories so
you can choose easily.
 Cultural
 Shopping
 Beach.

Athens is a beautiful city full of cultural and historical activities.
Acropolis & Acropolis Museum.
One of them is climb to the acropolis that you must visit. Seeing the 5th century Acropolis is the most
popular thing to do in Athens. Most people visit it to see the Parthenon but there are several other
things to see on the hill, including the Erechtheion, the Arrhephorion, and the Temple of Athena
Nike. From the Acropolis, you can see much of Athens and can see all the way to the sea. The
entrance fee is €20 ($23.25). if you want to learn more about the history of this place you can also
visit the museum below the mountain. There are different tours to follow variating in time and fee.
Hadrian’s library
This library was constructed around 132 AD. It was different then the librarys we know today
because you couldn’t lent books here. What you can do here were housing documents and read
books in the therefore constructed reading rooms. Outside this building where always discussions
between groups of wise people.
As there are so many museums to visit in Athens I going to place a top 3 list of them here so you can
find out for yourself what interests you the most.
1. The Benaki Museum of Greek culture ranging from prehistory until now.
2. Museum of Cycladic Art is home to one of the most complete collections of Cycladic art.
3. National archaeology Museum that has a very large offer of artifacts from all over the world.
If you have a day of from exploring cultural sights you should go shopping in the Plaka. Plaka is a
neighbourhood with a large offer of different types of shops. From home made souvenirs to
expensive merchandise, you can all find it there.
This cosy neighbourhood is located down the acropolis and very much of it is closed for traffic wich is
also good for the climate. On Ermou Street you can find the expensive merchandise and jewellery
shops. But more important to know is where you can find the home made stuff wich is good for point
8 of the sustainable development goals: decent work and economic growth. For this you need to
walk further down past Monastiraki Square.

Going to the beach is one of the lesser-known things to do in Athens. And therefore I am telling you
this tip. When you are tired from a long day of sightseeing the only thing I can think about is a nice
refreshing swim in the sea. The beach you can find in Athens is named edem beach. It is not the best
beach in all of Greece but it is still a great place to relax and hang out with some Greek friends you
just met.
Take your own towel and umbrella to the beach because none of them is available there. What you
can get is a great meal at the Edem Taverna located on the beach.

The nightlife in Athens
Athens is a great host for a diverse night experience. From amazing restaurant to breath taking clubs.
A few must see places will be highlighted in the section of the blog. With the different experiences
that Athens provides for its tourist, there something for everyone.
The top restaurants in Athens
The first place on the list is O Kostas this local Gyros shop is good entry point for Greek cuisine.
Selling the most delicious dishes for people how are on a budget. Want a quick bite O Kostas is the
place to go.
The second must visit restaurant is Peas. Peas is a all vegan restaurant with an eye for the climate. By
not introducing meat in their dishes they help the world battle climate change. Not only are they
helping the world they al so serve delicious dishes. Dining at Peas doesn’t only help yourself, but you
also help the world.
The third and final restaurant that you must visit when you’re in Athens is Funky Gourmet. This is a
more expensive entry on the list compared to the other entry’s but eating at funky gourmet isn’t just
having a meal it is an experience. Funky Gourmet serves food their way by adding science into the
mix. With their unique textures and shapes their whole menu is an experiment. Funky gourmet
maybe a bit expensive bus is totally worth the price.

Best nightlife clubs in Athens
Athens has a variety of different nightclubs. The first nightclub is a club called Island. Island is one of
the most popular clubs in Athens for a good reason. With its explosive DJs and amazing lights many
celebrities have been found in this club. So, I you want a goodnight out with an amazing atmosphere
Island is the place to be.
The next must-see Nightclub is Cinderella an experience that will let you have an evening with in the
1970/1980. This nostalgic club is tailored towards the older folks that come to Athens to relive their
youth. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good experience if you aren’t the in your fourty’s and
fifty’s. Cinderella welcomes all ages and is one of the most impressive clubs you will ever see.
The final must visit nightclub is one for the party animals that want to go until the sunrises again.
Dybbuk is a nightclub tailored towards Techno lovers. Attracting big crowds with its vibrant
atmosphere, it isn’t a surprise that many international DJ’s Have said that this is the go-to club if you
are in Athens. So, for the true party animals that want to party until the sun is up Dybbuk is your
place to go when you visit the beautiful city of Athens.



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