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Go around the world in the Winter

Seeing the world in different seasons gives you as a traveler a completely different feeling than you are used to. Every season has its own experiences. In this blog I take you to the top destination where I went for in the winter. At the end of the blog, I will also give you 5 tips and tricks that you can use when you go on a winter vacation so read on to find out!

Portrait of a woman feeling cold in winter ? outdoors


Let me introduce myself, my name is Kudret Tuna and I am 25 years old. Currently I am studying at Avans University and following the minor Digital Nomads to improve my marketing skills. In this blog I will take you to where I have been on a winter vacation and I will help you to go on vacation as cheaply as possible. As a student you want to be able to see a lot as cheaply as possible. The advantage of winter is that many destinations are already cheap. You can go to these destinations with various means of transport. Would you like to know more about the cheapest way to travel? Click here to get more information about traveling with car. I will also show you which means of transport will be the cheapest for you!

The reason why I write this blog for you is because I like to travel a lot. But as a student it is hard for me to go on a destination that is expensive. Also travelling helps you with connecting with other students or people around the world. By connecting with other people, you will automatically gain life experience and see how they manage their life. So, it will only help you to improve your knowledge and skills with only travelling. Have you ever seen Yes Theory on Youtube how they connect with strangers around the world? You should defiantly check out their YouTube channel to learn more about their tactics. In my past I already visited some great and beautiful places around the world, like Turkey Istanbul for a few times now, Spain Barcelona, Denmark Copenhagen, Sweden Stockholm and many more this is just a start! As a little child I only went to vacation destinations where my parents went, most of the time we went to Turkey because of my parent’s roots. I really did like Turkey you have a lot of sight seeing’s and most of the time it is very cheap also, but I also wanted to explore the world a little bit more and that motivated me to travel more often.

Now with the minor called Digital Nomad the coaches and teachers show me how to work on different kind of modules. In the beginning of the minor, I had to choose eight modules that I wanted to follow. The first one was “Lean Startup” with this module I had to learn how to setup a company in two weeks instead of longer. I used a lot of new technics to put up the new company and checked it from it different kind of perspective instead of putting a random name and all that stuff. Are you curious about my new company? The. click on this link and you will get more information about it. My new company is a driving school based in The Netherlands. The second module was “Building a website”, I am a guy that is very technical and skilled with IT and all that other stuff put making a website was one of my weakest point I had some experience with building but not that much. This module helped me to focus on points what I did not know earlier like SEO and menu structure and all that other stuff.

What to do if you go on a winter holiday

What I want to make you guys clear is that you can work form anywhere you want from the world. Look at me I am on holiday, but I still manage to do all of my work. All you need is a working laptop and an internet connection. For most of the people that are from Europe they can use their cellular internet connection over hole Europe without any costs! First thing first you have to find yourself a job or hobby that you can follow online. If you cannot find any hobbys or jobs just contact me I have network that can help you out.

If you willing to go away and hesitating about going to travel the world then find some good friends that are willing to come with you and make some memories together. Find the right vibe and energy! You have to move in life to learn about the world the best way to do this is by gathering information and tips about places you always wanted to go. Maybe you have a friend or family that is living in that area or country whom you never heard from. Take action call them and ask how they are doing and that you are willing to come to explore that country! These people will help you to get more ideas for your journey!

Call to all students with good vibes

Gather your friends and plan a trip for at least two weeks to travel the world in the winter. After these two weeks you guys have to figure it out by yourself. Just like that piece of cake! You don’t need a home or place where you want to stay look at backpackers that are traveling around the world, they also don’t have a place to stay to enjoy their vacation. The positive side of backpacking for example is that it is very low budget. You can also work as a tourist in that kind of places to earn your money or even get food for free!

For the entrepreneurs among us!

The entrepreneurs among us they already have a different view on knowing people and going on random vacations. As an entrepreneur you want to see the world as much as you can and why not doing it low budget also. Also, a lot of entrepreneurs are willing to constantly learn they do this by reading books or listening to audiobooks. You guys yes you guys already have the right mindset to do this what is holding you back by not doing it. Just risk it that’s what we entrepreneurs do taking risks and if we don’t accomplish something at least we learn from the process or the holiday. I took the bumpy road to accomplish the mindset that I have now. If i had this information before I would have started much earlier to improve myself. Changing and adapting to it was not easy but I am happy that I did it. In 2017 I went to Denmark with five good friends of mine before that I went to Spain on a summer vacation with a good friend of mine. We just went out and explored Spain also we hired some motors to enjoy our winter. We went to different cities and capitals in Spain and enjoyed our time at the different kinds of beaches. I also met a lot of new people we still have contact with the guys and girls that we met from our holiday how cool is that. After Spain I went to Denmark, I did not book any flight tickets to go there we just went with five friends of mine by car. It was an 8-hour drive to be in Denmark and we took a ferry to come there. I never been on a ferry and it was amazing to be able to be on one of them. We traveled in Denmark and spotted places what we never could find here in The Netherlands I can tell you this was the best vacation I ever had. Imagine yourself going on a vacation with your friends exploring different cities and capitals and enjoying food that you never had before. This Is living a good life and enjoying your time with your friends you make a lot of memories what you never will forget. Most of friend are now married and have a family some of them also have children’s how cool is to go with your family to the same spots that you already have seen and tell them stories about the trip.

Nyhavn buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Do not only plan these kinds of trips with your friends you can also go with your lover or partner. For the singles between us maybe you will find your love of your life while you are travelling the world. If you are interested you can subscribe to this blog, we will be sent you more information about travelling in the winter with your friend and families. And who knows in the future we will start a community about travelling the whole world in different kind of seasons. Join and receive more tips and tricks on your mail!

If you’re interested you can subscribe to this blog, we will send more information about travel the world with good friends and good vibes, further this maybe we will organize trips in the future(!) and maybe a community. Last but not least, you will retrieve emails about the trips, the “travel the world “community, tips and tricks related to the journey of your life!


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