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Hotspots in Valencia

During my internship last year, I stayed in Valencia for 5 months. I really had an amazing time and made a lot of good memories I would like to share with you. There is always such a good vibe. People live on the street, eat out of their houses and in the evening the city comes a life. Spanish people don’t rush anything, how Spanish people say it: tiempo a tiempo. This city really has something for everyone. It is a large city, but it is located by the sea so you can relax on the beach. From a delicious restaurant to a great nightlife club… In this blog, I will share some of my favorite places with you, which you have to see if you’re going to Valencia. Be prepared for instant holiday feelings…


La Mas Bonita

La Mas Bonita is a very cute restaurant near the beach. This place is very popular due the delicious cakes. It’s also possible to have lunch or dinner at this place, but the cakes are really worth it. It’s a very trendy hotspot with beautiful colors and interior. It’s a perfect place to make Instagram worthy pictures. I recommend drinking the delicious cocktails and eat too many cakes here. You would love it.

La mas bonita drinks


Beachclub Marina

This spot is next to the beach. It is possible to eat, chill and party over here. It is really a hotspot in Valencia. It’s possible to hire a place at the swimming pool, although it’s expensive. Also, the food and drinks are very expensive. I recommend this place, because the view across the beach is very beautiful and the parties in the evening are really nice. Parties are often organized here, where you can enjoy a drink with live DJs in this beautiful setting. The open-air parties are really worth the money. During the day it is an ideal place to chill . It’s the most famous beach club of Valencia. What makes this place special is that there is a beautiful infinity pool.


Voltereta a la Bali

This is by far my favorite restaurant in Valencia. The design is very beautiful. Entering this restaurant feels like you are entering a jungle. The ambiance is really good. The design is beautiful, and the food is even better. The prices are very low, and the quality of the food is very high. It really feels like you’re in Bali. The restaurant is always fully booked, so you have to make a reservation a few weeks before you want to visit the restaurant. It is really worth waiting. This is also a perfect place to make pictures for your feed, while enjoying the best food in town.

Restaurant Valencia

The flower bridge

The flower bridge, in Spanish Puente de las flores, is my favorite place in Valencia. I have never seen something so peaceful as this place. During my stay I crossed this bridge twice a day. In the morning when the sun came up and, in the afternoon, when the sun went down. The view was dazzling. This is a very good spot to make beautiful pictures. The bridge is crossing the Turia Park, which is also a very famous spot in Valencia. The Turia park is a drained river across the whole city. I recommend taking a walk through the Turia. 

View Valencia


Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias

The city of art and science is one of Valencia’s leading landmarks. The complex consists of six parts, namely L’Umbracle, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, L’Oceanogràfic, L’Hemisfèric, the Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe and the Agora. It is quite an experience to walk between the buildings. I visited L’umbracle and L’Oceanografic. The Turia Park ends at this place. This means that a lot of hotspots are really close to each other, and therefore it is possible to see the flower bridge, turia park and the city of art and Science in one day. In the summer is it possible to hire a canoe and sail on the water, in the middle of the art. This is one of the biggest hotspots of Valencia. L’Umbracle is part of the Ciudad de las Artes y las CienciasThis is also a beautiful spot to take pictures. The garden is full of beautiful plants and different types of palm trees. The biggest club of Valencia, Club Mia, is also based in the art. Really incredible open-air club. Unfortunately, a little expensive, but really worth it, especially in the summer.

 Art Valencia 


You can find this restaurant on the pleasant square Plaza Colegio del Patriarca. This square with orange trees and a beautiful fountain is really an oasis of peace in the center of Valencia. I found Tagomago by accident. Nevertheless, it became one of my favorite restaurants in Valencia. This place is popular, because the food is really good for low prices. For three courses you pay less than €20. The ambiance is very calm and the interior is very pretty as well. They have the best spare ribs in town. Don’t believe it? Try it!


Caffee Bastard

Valencia has a lot of delicious breakfast places, Caffee bastard is one of them. The restaurant is based in the city and is perfect to have a delicious breakfast. I recommend the waffles with fruit and cream. I’ve been here a couple times and every time I really enjoyed the food and the smoothies. So, If you have a shopping day planned, eat your breakfast or lunch at this place.

 Breakfast Valencia


Dulce de Leche Boutique

This is another favorite place of mine. The cakes and breakfast here are really tasty. Pan con tomate is a typicial breakfast in Spain. It is literally just bread with tomato finished with oil and salt. It is delicious and you need to try it when in Spain. Beside the typical breakfast, there are a lot of other sandwiches and sweet food. The smoothies here are really nice.

 Cakes Valencia


The city

The city in Valencia is my favorite shopping city. The basic stores such as Zara, footlocker and Stradivarius are based here. But, there are a lot of stores based in the city, which are not based in my county, The Netherlands. For example Brandy Melvile and Subdued. I really love the clothes of these stores. Also, there is a store called Muy Mucho. This is not a clothing store, but a decoration store with a lot of cute items such as candles, lights and other cosy stuff. I really miss this store. El Corte Ingles is a big corporation who sells clothes, Jewellery, shoes, decoration and a lot of other things. Really a go-to place.

 City Valencia




The Oceanogràfic is the largest aquarium in Europe and has more than 500 different fish species. A ticket is around 30 euros. The Oceanogràfic consists of several buildings, with examples of the most important ecosystems from all the seas and oceans of the planet: Mediterranean, wetlands, temperate and tropical climate, oceans, Southern Ocean, Arctic and islands. The Red Sea is represented with an aquarium in the underwater auditorium and a dolphinarium, the largest in Europe. I visited the aquarium in August. I really liked it and therefore I recommend it. The food inside the Oceanografic is not that good. So, don’t plan to have dinner here, while there are a lot of delicious restaurants outside.


Valencia Aquarium




Valencia became on of my favorite cities. I hope I convinced you to visit Valencia as well. Don’t forget to visit the hotspots above, you won’t regret it!

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