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6 days full of partying in lloret de mar

This year we decided to go to Lloret de mar, we planned to have an unforgettable week. Do you want to know how our journey went, please read on.

Day 1

It is finally the day that we go to Lloret de Mar. I got up around 05:00 in the morning, did my usual routine of showering and having breakfast. After that I checked if I had all the necessary things, like my passport, clothing and boarding tickets. When everything got checked, I was ready for an unforgettable vacation. Now it was time to go to the airport. At the airport we gathered with our group of friends. After we checked in ourselves, and our luggage we went inside the airport. We came with the best idea to go to a bar and celebrate that we would go to Lloret de Mar together, it was 10:00 at this time. Our plane left at 11:00 and we would arrive in Barcelona around 13:00.

We arrived in Barcelona. It was a short and good flight. Most of us got some sleep because we reckon it can get late in the morning the first night. After we gathered our luggage, we got picked up by a shuttlebus that brought us to our hotel. After arriving at our hotel, we unpacked our luggage and got to see our room. Our next step in our unforgettable vacation is to check out the swimming pool, get something to eat and to think of some things we want to do while we are here. A few things we thought of are going to the aquapark, go to an arcade/casino, rent an electric bike and go to an beautiful beach. Before we know it, it is 17:00. It is time to prepare for our first night out, so we got something to eat and started drinking.

Day 2

Wow, what a first night. It was an experience no one of us had ever experienced. It was straight out of a movie. Everybody was in a great mood, there was good music, great people and much more. This morning it was a slow morning and we got up around 12:00. The first mistake we made yesterday was to forget to do groceries, so we hadn’t any food or water in our rooms. This was a fatal mistake after a night out. With a great pain we had to go to the grocery store, fortunately is was just around the corner. After we got the groceries, we got a good breakfast together, and decided what we wanted to do today. Our conclusion was that we would rent the electric bikes, and discover Lloret de Mar. So right after deciding that we went to the centrum op the city and rented a few bikes. To our surprise we found a few beautiful pieces of land and beach around Lloret de Mar. We even left our bikes to climb on the rocks at the beach, because it was that beautiful. Before we knew it, it was 18:00. It was time to eat, so we went to a fast food chain for a good meal before we start heading back and started drinking.

It all went like the evening before with drinking and going out. Tomorrow I will keep you up to date about the night out.

Day 3

Like it could not get any better. Like the night before it was all great, and we were all in a great mood. But there was a rather cool idea developing. In Lloret de Mar there is a big club on top of a big arcade. One of our things we wanted to do was go to a big arcade. So, while we were drunk at 03:00 we went to the arcade and got into the bumper cars. We got the whole bumper cars to ourself, so it was really intense and really fun. It really was an experience of a lifetime to go rather drunk in bumper cars in Lloret de Mar.

Today we got up around 14:00, a bit later than we expected, but it is still our vacation, so we weren’t too bothered by that. Fortunately, today we were prepared and got food and water in our room. Today we had a dilemma about what we wanted to do. A few of us wanted to go back to the arcade because it was a great success in the night before, but the other half wanted to stay a day in the hotel and swim in the pool. So, after breakfast we concluded that we would stay at the pool till 16:00, and then go to the arcade. We found this a good compromise because for the hottest part of the day we could go swimming. After swimming we went to the arcade and it was like a heaven for us. They had literally everything. From the bumper cars to airhockey. So, before we knew it, we had lost the track of time and it was 19:00 already. We decided that we would go out to eat. At the end of the street of our hotel there was a small bar where you could also eat. It is called ‘Kootjeseetcafe’. The owner Dirk was the nicest guy ever. He would always play games with us and he always had good food. Because it was already like 19:00 we decided to drink at Kootjes, it was still a bar off course.

Tonight is the third night. Tomorrow I will let you guys know how the night out went.

Day 4

The third night was just as good as the previous nights. It was fun again and we met a lot of great people. Today we got a pretty full schedule. This morning we got invited to a pool party organized a travel agency here in Lloret de Mar. Off course we said yes, we will be going by bus. The party will be this afternoon. The bus left around 14:00, it was a great location and a lot of people of our age. We met another group of friends and we laughed and partied all day with them. It was cool to meet them. Just like everything here it was so much fun that the time flied by.

This evening the planning was to go out again, but the drinking in the afternoon took its toll. We were very tired, so we were back in our hotel around 02:00.

Day 5

Yesterday was the day for us to refuel again. It was much needed, so today we can give it our all again. It is also our last full day here. Because we didn’t make it very late last night, we were all well rested today. Because of that we decided to go to the aquapark. In the morning we bought tickets to water world. There was a shuttle bus that brought us to the aquapark. When we arrived at the park, we were all flabbergasted by the size of the park. We didn’t know where to start. There were so many slides and attractions and pools. It was just great. At the beginning of the evening we went back to our hotel around 17:00. After we got ready for our last night out, we went to kootjeseetcafe for a good meal before we were going out. After our meal it was time for us to start our last night. Tomorrow I will let you know how it went like always.


Day 6

What a night. This was our last night so we gave it everything we could. We did everything we wanted, we also went in the bumper cars again, and we ended the night on the beach where we watched the sunset. This was kind of symbolic for our vacation together. I think this was our best night ever in our lives. Because yesterday was our last day, today we are leaving. Our plane leaves on 19:00, so we will be going to the airport after we packed our stuff and handed in the key of our room. I think this is my best vacation ever. I never thought that I would do so many fun stuffs and meet so many great people. It is really an experience I will never forget, and I would highly recommend everybody to go to Lloret de Mar with their friends once in their life.

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