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The nightlife in Valencia!

Valencia the city of sun, sea, the delicious paella and a nightlife that continues until the sun rises again. In Valencia you can choose from mega discotheques in the open air, near the sea and the beach to more underground clubs around the center. If you are a real nightlife person and you like to drink a nice mojito in beautiful clubs with different kinds of music, then Valencia is the place to be!

In Spain, the nightlife is very different from the nightlife in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands it is quite normal that you are around half past 12 in a pub, while in Valencia you should not be surprised if the disco starts to get crowded around 02:00. Many people in Valencia start in advance with a drink somewhere in a nice cafe or cocktail bar!

To get to a discotheque in Valencia you usually have to pay an entrance fee. When you pay this entrance fee you often get a drink in return, from which you can get that delicious mojito for example! The discotheques are often open until very late, until 07:30. This can be different at some discotheques.

Do you already feel like having a drink in one of these nice clubs? I’ll start naming the cool nightclubs, so next time in Valencia you’ll know exactly where to go for an unforgettable time!

Marina Beach Club:

This Beach club will have seen you many times on social media, giving you an instant vacation feeling! At this Beach club you can relax and swim in a very nice infinity pool with a view over the beach! To lie here for an afternoon you’ll pay about 50 to 80 euros, including consumption. Besides the fact that you can relax here in the afternoon, you can also go out at this Beach Club! Marina Beach Club is often home to famous DJs from all over the world! How cool is that, dancing in an outdoor discotheque on the beach! Entrance to Marina Beach Club in the evening costs around 10 euros. The minimum age here is 21 and the Beach Club is open from 11:00 am to 03:30 am.


L’Umbracle & mya

Ciudad de las Artes Y las Ciencas is the great architectural spectacle of Valencia with many different buildings including L’Umbracle. During the day L’Umbracle is a botanical garden where you can walk through. But in the evening a large part of this garden turns out to be a great outdoor club! Here you can dance and have a nice cocktail between the palm trees to different kinds of music. But there is more! Because not only in the garden you can dance until the late hours. Downstairs is Club MYA where the louder beats meet you. There is a room with house and techno and a room called MYA Beat where you can get loose on hip-hop and R&B. The entrance fee via internet is almost always 12 euro, with 1 drink included. Opening hours are from Monday to Saturday from 01:00 am to 07:30 am.


Club Rumbo 144.

There is also a club in Valencia that is very popular with students. Club Rumbo 144 is a large discotheque located near the student district of Valencia. This discotheque is one of the most popular spots on Wednesday nights when there is a student night here. This night, international students from all over the city come to this discotheque to party until late at night. This discotheque is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 00:00 am to 07:00 am. So if you are a really big partyanimal and want to go out on a Wednesday night, Club Rumbo 144 is the perfect place. At that time there are plenty of other students present, so you can meet a lot of people. This can be a lot of fun if you are doing your minor in Valencia for example. Then this is a fun spot to meet people!



Just a few meters from the wide beach in Valencia you will find the club Akuarela. At this great club you can enjoy great music and drinks in the open air. This discotheque also has different types of venues. Often Spanish hits are played in these halls, but other types of parties are regularly organized. Also at this club the opening hours are until late, namely from 01:00 am to 07:30 am. From the club you can go straight to the beach to see the beautiful sunset! What very often people do after a night out in Akuarela, is swimming in the sea. The sea is 100 m away from the club, so many people choose to take a quick dip. So suppose you are very hot from dancing, you can take a dip later in the evening for refreshment! The entrance fee for this club is around 20 euros, with two drinks included.



We also have the discotheque called LA3. This discotheque is considered the best electronic club in Valencia and welcomes both Spanish DJ’s and international Techno legends. This club consists of three halls where electro, house and techno is played until the late hours. This club has been discovered by many people, so you need to be there on time to avoid long waiting times. The opening hours of this club on Friday and Saturday are from 01:00 am to 07:00 am. The normal entrance fee for this club is 15 euro, which also includes 1 drink.



This club is for many local party people really the placet to be! Most of them go somewhere else to have a drink before they go to this club. The reason for this is that this club stays open until the early hours, so people choose to party somewhere else in advance. Downstairs in the main hall, the music changes from rock, indie, pop, funky swingers and a lost Spanish language picture. Upstairs you can dance to very cool techno, house and disco music. Of course it depends on what kind of DJ is spinning. Regularly there is also a live karaoke rock band playing downstairs in the main hall. The opening hours are again from 01:00 am to 07:30 am.


Espet Chupitos:

In Valencia it is very often offered to take a chupito after dinner in a restaurant. This is a shot of booze that is then offered to you after dinner. In Valencia they have their own spicy variant that is often offered after dinner. Besides the fact that you can take a shot after dinner, it is also very popular to take a shot in a club. This bar consists of hundreds of different kinds of shots. Some shots are also set on fire, which is of course very cool to see. A lot of people usually filmed this to put it on social media. This pub Chupitos is especially popular with the students and the shots cost 2 euros.


Transportation to the discotheques

I also wanted to add to this blog the ways in which you can get to all discotheques. Maybe there are some clubs close to your place of residence, but there will also be some clubs that are a bit further away, so you would be on the road for a very long time if you walked. This is why I’ll also tell you a bit about cabs and bike rentals in Valencia.

First of all, of course, you can take cabs to the discotheques. The cabs in Valencia can be found almost everywhere. In every place you almost see a cab, which is very nice of course. In Valencia there are always many, so you never have to wait long to finally get a cab. The cabs in Valencia are a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands and Belgium. The cabs have different rates. So there are rates for daytime, but there are also rates for evening and night. Depending on your destination, day and time of day, the costs are calculated. The daily starting rate of € 1.45 starts at 7.00 am, until 9.00 pm with a minimum amount of € 4.00. The evening / night start rate of € 2.00 applies from 21.00 – 7.00 with a minimum amount of € 6.00. When you board the cab, the counter starts running immediately. So often you only lose around € 10 to drive to a discotheque. This amount becomes even more advantageous when you take a cab with more than one person. So the cabs are really recommended in Valencia!

If you do not like the cabs in Valencia you can always choose to rent a bike. In Valencia there are many small companies that lend bicycles to tourists. The prices are also quite cheap, which makes cycling attractive. For the bikes you pay different rates, as it depends on how long you want to borrow a bike. At many bike rentals you can borrow a bike for 1 week for 35 euros. You could also rent a bike for a month for about 65 euros. 

I hope that through this blog I have been able to give you a little more knowledge about nightlife in Valencia. I hope that before your trip to Valencia you know exactly where to be for a fun party and I hope you’ve made the right choice for yourself about cabs and bikes!

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