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Get a tan during your internship

Get an tan during your work?

Yes that’s right, your reading it correctly. Experience the most beautiful and amazing time of your student live! Right here at Dushi Korsou.

curacao beach

Traveler and epicurean?

You like it to travel a lot, you’re made for the beach and the most important thing you’re an Epicurean. Than you need to look for an abroad internship in the Caribbean.  At Curacao are many different positions to do your internship. You should think of working in the hospitality or working by the ‘Banko the Carribean’ where you work from 9 till 5 at the office.  

5 Reasons to get an abroad internship

You are going to learn a lot about another culture and get better dancing skills 😉

In the first two weeks you arrive at Curacao, you absolutely discover that the culture is total different as you are used to. Somebody calls it lazy an another calls it too hot. You should  get your own opinion about it and just need to learn how to handle with the temperature and colleagues from different destinations. For example: How they like to be approached and a lot of other culture aspects.

But as an Dutch boy with an sober way of looking, there changed a lot. To be clear: You learn to dance. For so far I know, are the best dancers the Antilleans and with all the party’s you should go, you need to learn dance. If not? The Antilleans would like to help you to develop this skills 😉

Every day happy hour

Like I told you :”every day is an party” at the island are many different beaches and boulevards. Every beach has his own happy hour and because the island is made for tourist the happy hours will be on every day at every time at another beach.  So you need to prepare you’re self for a lot of celebrating live, discover new places and meet new friends at this beach party’s

happy hour

You made a lot of new friends from different destinations

At Curacao are you working with different people from different destinations. Also the guest you

Should receive while you’re working in the hospitality should be from different cultures and destinations.  If you are doing your internship at the island you should be there for minimum three months. While you live in the student house of the “nieuwstraat” you absolutely meet new people to hanging out with and celebrate the beach party’s.  ( you need to;))

You turned in to an independent men/woman

The most of the students live at home and don’t have any experience to live independent and need to do their own laundry or going to the supermarket to do groceries and cleaning not only their room but the whole house/apartment.  Beyond that when there is an trouble you need to fix it by yourself.

You should go every day to the beach

Where you should be, the beach is nearby.  So if you’re finished your workday and the sun is shining you definitely need to go to the beach to get an happy hour, snorkeling or for a tan. Don’t forget to enjoy this beautiful period.


If you’re totally ready to do your internship at Caracao and you would like to know what you need for like:

  • Housing
  • Salary
  • Currency
  • Work permit
  • Insurance etc.

Subscribe to this e-mail and I would send you the check list with all the information 🙂 


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