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Which beach to go to on Curacao?

Beaches to visit on Curacao!

To begin

I went to curacao in 2016 and in 2019. Here I’ve went to all of the 37 beaches. The biggest beaches on Curacao are: Grote knip, playa lagun, Cas Abao, Mambo beach and Jan Thiel. Both of the times I went to curacao I stayed in a resort in Jan Thiel.

The first time I went there I went with a friend of high school and his parents. The second time I went with my girlfriend. Both of the times I rented a car there which I highly recommend. Curacao is not that big but you can’t go anywhere without a car. There is 1 road which goes from the 1 side of the island all the way to the other side of the island. That is the; ‘Winston Churchillweg’.  

The popular beaches

Grote knip

Grote Knip is located entirely on the west side of Curaçao and is still very authentic. Do not expect large beach tents or luxury beds here, but rocks and a lot of sand. During the weekend many locals go to this beach with their car or motorcycle, fully loaded with cool boxes full of food and drinks. If you walk to the beach from the parking lot, you have a fantastic view!

Grote knip Curacao

Playa Lagun

The beautiful beach of Lagun lies between two cliffs. This quiet beach slopes gently into a green-blue clear sea. In addition to a beautiful atmosphere, it is also a very nice place for snorkeling. The rocks on both sides provide a good hiding place for fish and sea turtles.

Playa lagun

Cas Abao

Cas Abao Beach has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and for good reason. Not only the beach is beautiful, you can also snorkel and dive fantastic here. Off the coast is a raft that has been recorded for you to sunbathe on. Playa Cas Abao is very popular with divers and snorkelers for its clear waters and many types of fish. The beach is described as the beach of Curaçao: the hotspot for sunbathing, swimming in the beautifully clear water and for all kinds of water sports activities such as snorkeling, diving and kayaking. The daiquiri bar and massage gazebo are also seen as a big plus of the beach.

Cas abao

Mambo beach

One of the most popular beaches, if not the most popular beach on Curaçao is the landscaped Sea Aquarium Beach. At this beach you will find the Curaçao Sea Aquarium, where you can swim with dolphins, among other things. Furthermore, Mambo Beach is located on this beach, the most famous entertainment venue of Curaçao. In the summer of 2012, the beach was completely renovated. A boulevard has been built with shops and a new Mambo Beach. Performances are held here by well-known artists and DJs, such as Guus Meeuwis, Alain Clark, Armin van Buuren, etc. Outside on the beach the nightlife starts and is great fun. It is more luxuriously decorated with lounge areas and is located next to Lions Dive Resort and Seaquarium. In terms of crowds, you can compare this beach with a Scheveningen or Zandvoort. The ambiance and the public are also quite similar to these Dutch seaside resorts. Here it is to see and be seen. Tourists, interns and Dutch residents of Curaçao mainly come here at weekends to sunbathe, swim and party. The sand is rich in palm trees and features bars, cafes, shops and water sports facilities. There is a breakwater in the sea and the calm sea is ideal for swimming.

Mambo beach

The Jan Thiel Bay

The Jan Thiel Bay is the place where a number of major tourist resorts such as Papagayo Beach Resort, Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort and the Chogogo Resort have been built. Many tourists who sit here choose the beach of Jan Thiel. As a result, the once so peaceful Jan Thiel Bay has grown into one of the busiest hotspots on Curaçao.

Jan Thiel

Jan Thiel beach itself is actually not really special. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to visit Jan Thiel Beach, especially at the weekend. The beach at Jan Thiel Bay is one of the few beaches that is a short distance from the many villa parks and neighborhoods around Spanish Water. By noon it is happy hour at beach club Zanzibar, and if you linger a little longer, you have a good chance of seeing a live performance of a salsa band. The atmosphere is fantastic!

Tip: from the beach at Jan Thiel, near Zanzibar for example, you can watch the sun set beautifully in the sea. That is not possible on every beach on Curaçao.

Playa Grandi

Also a really non popular beach and in my opinion also not one of the beaches to stay for an entire day or to spend a few days. But at Playa Grandi the fishers come back after going fishing early in the morning. The sea turtles follow the fishersboats to see if they can grab some left overs. So at this beach you have the guarantee to see and swim with Sea turtles.

Playa grandi

Didn’t get lucky when going to Playa Grandi or although this blog must almost make you book an instant ticket decide not to go to curaçao? You could also watch a video of the sea turtles at playa Grandi watch a video about the sea turtles here:


So now we have gone through al the beaches I want to say my own experience and opinion. In my opinion you should definitely go to Cas Abao. This is my favorite beach on Curacao. It also has been voted as one of the most beautiful beaches of the world! National Geographic did a research on the 21 best beaches in the world. Kimberley Lavato (an interviewer of national geographic) made the list. Hopefully for her she had to visit al the 21 of them as well. But Cas Abao is on the list of most beautiful beaches in the entire world. Would you like to read the article click on the button below:


So if you are going to Curacao I hope you’ve been helped by using and reading my blog if you have been to Cas Abao I’ll be happy to hear your experience on your trip you could e-mail me your experience.

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