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Hidden Instagram hotspots in Barcelona

Barcelona has so many beautiful spots. But which places should you visit to take the coolest Instagram photo? In this blog, you will find the must-see places that you have to see to take your Instagram to the next level. And how nice is it that you can combine all these unique places in 1 tour!

Passeig de Gràcia
The main street in Barcelona. In this street, the most beautiful shops are located. Brands like Chanel, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton have their shops in this street. The whole street is in the same style. The street is very classic and has the most beautiful buildings. It is an exquisite style. Everything is done in this style. The benches on the pavement, the paving stones, and all the lanterns match and form a whole.

Mossèn Costa i Llobera Gardens
The cactus garden is situated on the Montjuïc mountain. This mountain is a border of Barcelona and provides the separation between the city and the airport’s industrial area. The cactus garden is charming to visit and to take your Instagram photos. In this large garden, there are several places with small gardens with cacti. Joaquím Maria Casamor and Joan Pañella designed the garden. They also made sure that several species of plants from different countries are in the park. You will find cacti from Mexico, Australia, Africa, and South America. The cactus garden is a real, local spot. You will hardly find any tourists there. An excellent place for your Instagram photo!

Castell de Montjuïc
The mountain where the Mossèn Costa i Llobera is located is called Montjuïc. On this mountain, you will also find great photo spots. There are several highlights on this mountain. The castle on top of the hill, Castell de Montjuïc, is a magical place. The castle is a real history of Barcelona. During the civil war in Barcelona, the court was used as a military prison, torture place, and place for execution of opponents of Franco, the dictator at that time. There is a large square in front of the castle, where you can take some great photos. The bridge is also a real Instagram spot.

paseo-de-gracia-city-centre  Jardins_de_Mossèn_Costa_i_Llobera_-_panoramio-2  Castell_de_Montjuic_-_Fossat_entrada_-_Barcelona_(Catalonia)

Jardí Botànic
On the Montjuïc, you will also find the Jardí Botànic. A botanical garden with all different kinds of plants from all over the world. In this garden, you have a complete view of the city. The park has been constructed around 1970 to brighten up the neglected part of the mountain. You can take the most beautiful photos here, in the garden itself, and with the view of Barcelona in the background.

Montserrat is another mountain in Barcelona. If you want to go to the top of the hill, you have to take a lift. Once you are on top of the mountain, you can visit several places. You can walk along the hiking trails, have a picnic, go horse riding and visit the monastery.

While walking, you can find many photo spots. Nature is beautiful. The monastery is really the highlight of the mountain, and the sanctuary is located at a height of 720 meters.

Street Art
Are you looking for something different? Then the street art in Barcelona is something for you. You can find street art in many other places in Barcelona. Street art is a perfect place to take pictures. There are statues all over the city, and on many walls, there are murals. In Barcelona, all murals are very trendy, so that makes for an extra fun Instagram picture!

58203c62c1381_jardi-botanic  a3c48105042c4b6eb8a593a496128a60.jpg  street-art-barcelona

Bunkers del Carmel
At this spot, you have a mega cool view. If you are at this spot just before sunset, you can see the sun go down, and you can see the mountains Tibidabo and Montjuïc. So you have a view of the whole city. It is a beautiful place to visit and to take your perfect Instagram photos. Because how attractive is a picture of the sunset and especially in such a beautiful place.

Sagrada Familia
The artist of Barcelona, Gaudí, designed this church, and therefore it is also the main attraction of the city. This church is a super cool place to go. And it is also the most beautiful photo spot. The church itself is a lovely building, and inside the church, you can walk around for hours and take hours of pictures. You will find the coolest spots and how nice is it to be able to show a bit of Barcelona history in your image.

The neighborhood Barceloneta includes the super cool beach, monuments, and restaurants. Barcelona is not only a city of shops, but the beach is also the place to be. On the beach, you can also take super-cool Instagram photos. It is a real hotspot in Barcelona. Go to the beach when the weather is nice and take great pictures with the beautiful blue water in the background and the bright blue sky.

Hotel Arts
Hotel Arts is a beautiful hotel in the Barceloneta district. The hotel is literally on the boulevard of Barcelona. The building is a large, impressive building. It is a luxury, five-star hotel. The building is very modern and, therefore, such a cool place to take your Instagram photo.

Olympic Stadium
The Olympic stadium is also a typical history element in the culture of Barcelona. In 1992, the Summer Olympics were held in Barcelona. The stadium was built before that, namely in 1927, because the Olympic Games were also held in Barcelona in 1936. The stadium has been completely renovated again. So the Olympic stadium is built in a thoroughly modern style. It seems as if you step into the future when you are in this area. You can take beautiful cycling trips there or walk through the area. The surroundings are very cool and impressive to see. This, of course, makes it a perfect photo opportunity. The industrial, modern style is sure to look great on your Instagram photos.

Casa Mila
Casa Mila is a cool building on the corner of Passeig de Gracia. Gaudí again designs the building. The building has a spectacular roof terrace. You can see a huge part of the city from this terrace, and you have a very relaxed view. The building itself has a unique look. The building style is wavy and therefore so beautiful to see. Inside the building, there is a lovely museum. So you can take the best pictures at three different spots, namely in front of the building, on the roof terrace and in the museum, on the inside of the building. A super cool Instagram hotspot.

Park Güell
Gaudí also designed this park. This park is full of houses, benches, stairs, and other buildings designed by the artist. It is a very cool park to go to and to look around. The garden is very colorful, so that you will steal the show with these colors on your photos.

Arc de Triomf
The Arc de Triomf in Barcelona is a triumphal arch. It is an impressive building because it is built in the neo-Moorish style. It is a red-brown colored triumphal arch. The Arc de Triomf is located at Parc de la Ciutadella. The Arc de Triomf is a real landmark and, therefore, indeed a very cool place to take an Instagram photo.

Parc de la Ciutadella
In this park, you can relax and enjoy nature. You can take a nice walk here or sit on the grass to rest for a while. The nature is beautiful, and the park has a lovely layout. You will certainly be able to take beautiful photos here. In the park, you will also find Font de La Cascada. A great place to see and, therefore, even to take an Instagram photo. It is a triumphal arch with a waterfall and a fountain. Gaudí also helped to make this real picture beautiful. Gaudí was still in training as an architect at the time. Also, in this park, you will find Parlament de Catalunya. A great building to see. There is a quiet spot in front of this building, with a pond and a statue in the middle. On this spot, you can take a beautiful picture as well.

Barcelona Zoo
What is more fun than a day at the zoo, especially in Barcelona! This zoo is one of the most prominent zoos in Europe. In a zoo, you can always take great pictures. It is an extraordinary place.

Mirador de Colón
Mirador de Colón is the monument of Columbus. The monument is a kind of tower, in which you can go up to enjoy a beautiful view. At the height of 60 meters, you can look out over La Rambla, Sagrada Familia, and even Montjuïc. You can also see the beaches from the viewpoint. The statue of Columbus points to a place. Many people say it is pointing to America, but then it should be pointing to the Rambla. Instead, it is pointing to the sea. So that remains a mystery. It is a very cool place to take a picture on the ground and at the top of the tower.


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