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Exploring Europe: Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, 620 miles from the European coast and 310 miles from the African coast. The capital city of Madeira is Punchal. Madeira is not a big Island, but that makes it absolutely ideal for a short trip. And because the landscape is very different, with mountains, the Levadas (the island is famous because of Levadas), resorts and a big city, a lot is possible. 

Levadas, are the most famous things of Madeira. They bring rain water from the north side to the south side of the island. They give tourists the opportunity to walk though beautiful landscapes, with green grass, flowers, animals, so pure nature.

Madeira has also forests. Famous is the Laurissilva forest. You can walk here around cascades and waterfalls from the high mountains. It is also possible to climb the highest peaks of Madeira or go trail running though the mountains. You can feel the adrena-line rising as you climb above the 1000 meters. It gives you amazing rock formations around different walks and unique views. And after a day of climbing moutains, canyoning waterfalls and walking though Levadas and enjoying the nature and views, you can end the day with a dip in the sea!

Punchal, the capital city, gives you a lot of activities. Find out the history and culture of Madeira and enjoy a good meal at one of the many restaurants. With typical viewpoints, fortresses, cable cars, hotels and houses covered by orange tile roofs and green parasols. The neighborhoods offer you a lot of churches, museums, markets and culture squares. 

Want to relax? Madeira has a lot of resorts around the island. With swimming pools, Room service, relax activities and beautfull views! Go to the beach or just chill at the swimming pool with music in the sun.

The climate at Madeira is very constant, with average temperatures around 20 degrees the whole year, you can visit Madeira for a sunny holiday every time of the year! 






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