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How can you travel sustainably through Thailand?

Why a holiday/trip to Thailand is so special:

Thailand is the holiday country par excellence. With a coastline of 3,219 km, hundreds of islands and a wonderful climate a real holiday paradise.                                                                                                                 

The population of Thailand is known as friendly, hospitable, polite and respectful. For many the most important reason to choose a Thai holiday. No less than 180,000 Dutch tourists do so every year. A survey shows that no less than 87% again choose Thailand as a holiday destination. Over 96% is positive about Thailand as a holiday destination. Popular places for holidaymakers are Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui.

Thailand’s beaches are world-famous and a reason to choose a Thai holiday. Some of them are even some of the most beautiful in the world and win awards every year. Such as the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui. It is a wonderful holiday here: sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and diving.

The waters around Koh Tao near Samui are known for their beautiful coral reefs, while the beaches of Koh Phangan are used for sunbathing during the day, but in the night of the full moon turn into an open-air party for young people. A holiday in Thailand is an excellent choice for young and old. Thailand is also the favourite holiday destination for backpackers. Every year hundreds of thousands of backpackers from Europe and the rest of the world travel to Thailand. The country meets the most important requirements of a backpacking holiday: relatively cheap, easy to travel and safe.

a Thailand travel/holiday is actually a surprise every time, because Thailand is one of the most exciting destinations in Thailand. The centuries-old culture and traditions are special in themselves. A Thailand holiday is not only interesting and safe but also cheap. This makes Thailand a popular holiday destination among budget travellers such as backpackers.

bangkok stad                      
Bangkok city                                                                                                                  Eiland Koh Samui Thailand 

The best options for sustainable travel through Thailand:     
Thailand has an easy and comfortable public transport network. Buses, minivans and trains run from every corner of the country to the other corners. Buses and minivans leave every day, regardless of the number of passengers and the time of day. You can usually score bus tickets at any accommodation you stay in. You will often hear where the bus leaves from and what time. There are four different types of bus companies, varying in luxury. The rotten image-png-Nov-06-2020-10-01-13-11-AMthammadaa buses are ordinary buses without air conditioning. These are orange. The first and second class and VIP buses are called rotten air or rotten thua. Here you do have air conditioning. These buses are blue. The minivans are used on small distances. They are a bit more expensive but sometimes they will pick you up at your accommodation.


Besides the bus, the train is also a sustainable way to explore Thailand. Most cities in the north, east and south are connected to Bangkok by modern railways. You travel efficiently and quickly with modern rail transport, and you also see a lot of the landscape in this way.

There are different classes, so if you want some luxury, all of this is also possible. Via the southern route you can also travel to Malaysia and Singapore. You can already book your train tickets three months in advance at the big stations and at the advance booking office at the train station of Bangkok.night train thailand

Between the big cities and famous places, such as bangkok, krabi, chiang mai and chumphon. Go direct trains. From Bangkok you can take the 13-hour night train to Chang mai and vice versa. For exact train times in Thailand it is best to check the website of the state railways of Thailand.


If you want to visit tropical islands in the gulf of Thailand and in the andaman sea, it’s the best to do it by ferry. This is the most sustainable way and it sails several times a day. The ferry has the name: Lomprayah. On the website of this company you can view times and buy ferry tickets. 


The best tips for sustainable activities/locations in Thailand:
Bangkok: courageous kitchen

The Thai kitchen is very diverse and has a large number of different dishes and flavours. There are many different cooking workshops within Thailand, but for those who want to do things a little differently, there is the courageous kitchen. At this cooking school you will learn all the ins-and-outs of Thai cooking and at the same time support the local community in Bangkok. Couragous kitchen teaches families living in poverty how to prepare a nutritious meal as possible with as few resources as possible. In addition, the proceeds of the workshops for tourists make it possible for Thai children to go to school. In addition to these cooking workshops at the cooking school, they also offer food tours through Bangkok, visiting local small-scale restaurants.

Bangkok tree house

A special place to spend the night is the Bangkok tree house. This accommodation is completely sustainable and makes a stay in Thailand very pleasant. The aim is to pursue a zero-waste policy within this overnight accommodation, where all electricity is already generated bywind and solar energy. In addition, the Bangkok tree house fishes for every booking that is made. One kilo of waste from the Chao praya river. In short, an enormous sustainable place to spend the night when you are in Thailand.


New dive school

If there is a Thai island that is perfect for diving, it is Koh Tao. To ensure that future generations can still enjoy the beautiful underwater world, the New heaven dive school offers several sustainable tourism activities aimed at saving and preserving the coral reef. People can follow a short course to learn more about the coral reef and what you as a person can do more to do your part. In addition, the school also offers workplaces and internships for people who want to contribute to the restoration, conservation and protection of the reef for a longer period of time.

Ecotao lodge

A sustainable and eco-friendly accommodation is Ecotao lodge. This small-scale resort is made entirely of nature-friendly materials such as: local bamboo, wood from a local forest that is cut down in a sustainable way and coconut fibre to insulate and to counter the many mosquitoes. In addition, solar energy is used and the water is recycled. The filtered rainwater is used for the rooms and lodges and the overage rainwater is used for locally grown products.

Akha ama coffee

For years, the Dutchman has been in the top five of the world’s largest coffee drinkers. Chiang rai is for everyone who loves a cup of coffee. In this region, agriculture is an important source of income for the local population, including the cultivation of coffee beans. The company Akha ama coffee gives the people/tourists the opportunity to spend a day with the local coffee farmer. The company owes its name to a Mother (ama means mother in the thai) who said that the village had to work together in order to grow economically. Through her leadership, the village decided not only to grow coffee beans, but also to produce responsible coffee. Akha ama coffee offers travellers/tourists a glimpse into the life of the coffee farmer and takes you on a sustainable journey from the bean to the cup of coffee in the café.

Bamboo Nest Chiang Rai

A breath-taking place, that is: Bamboo nest Chiang Rai. Part of the income from the stays goes to poor families in the region. In addition, the simple houses, made with nature friendly materials, are built by the local community and according to the wisdom of the original population: “take good care of nature, then nature will take good care of you”.

When building the accommodations, the preservation of the nature has been taken into account as much as possible. Every cottage has windows from ceiling to roof. Look out over the jungle while enjoying an authentic stay. An extra tip: Bamboo nest has no electricity, so this accommodation is only recommended for the real adventurous traveller.

In conclusion, what in our opinion?
Looking at the best option to travel responsibly and sustainably through Thailand, our preference would be for the train. The train network in Thailand is well developed and with various train classes to choose from, it can reach almost every region in the country. A good second option would be the bus. Here it is the best to choose the first and second class, these are coloured blue and have all the comforts for a good price. As the best and most sustainable accommodation or activity, the choice is mainly on the tree house located in Bangkok, partly due to the appearance of the accommodation and is almost completely sustainable and self-sufficient. As the sustainable activity we would choose for the New dive school, here you as a tourist/traveller will be taught more about the coral and how to deal with it as well as possible.  All this in the most sustainable and responsible way to keep life underwater as good as possible for the next generations.


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