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Why you should visit Budapest if you are young

It is almost that time of the year. The summer holiday is around the corner and you are looking for a nice destination to go to with your friends, but there are too many nice places to choose from. If you and your friends look for something else than a standard beach holiday then I would suggest: be wise and keep reading this blog.
In this blog I’ll give you 3 reasons why have you have to consider Budapest as your destination for this summer. In the upcoming blogs I am going to emphasize these reasons.


Nightlife 2

I think for most of us party hard and travel on a summer holiday with your friends is the most important thing. So that’s why I will explain what is so nice about the nightlife in Budapest. Instead of Mallorca or Lloret de Mar Budapest has a lot of different styles of clubs and bars. And with different styles I mean different music styles; like a club where they only play techno music or for instant dubstep. It feels like going to a festival with several music stages where throughout the day you can go to each stage you like. The most popular clubs in Budapest are at its best around 1 am. So, before you go out with your friends there are a lot of nice small bars where you can find yourself a drink and have a nice chat. There are a lot of blogs who will tell you what kind of bars there are in Budapest, so here is a link of my favorite website with nice spots in Budapest: Click here

The club I have enjoyed and visited the most in Budapest was Club Instant It is one biggest club in Budapest with 7 floors, 18 bars and a total of 1200 square meters of the dancefloor! On every floor, there is a different kind of music style so you can walk around for hours and dance.

Here is a Youtube video of someone I enjoyed watching before I went to Budapest. It summaries the nightlife of Budapest and it gives a good image of Budapest’s nightlife.


Historical Budapest

Besides the fact that Budapest is great to visit for a party, the city is very interesting if you like to give your holiday a little bit of an educational touch. If your interests lie in World War II and the Cold War, then Budapest is a must to visit. Budapest was for many years behind the Iron Curtain and that maybe is the reason why people aren’t aware of the historical and cultural wealth of this city. There a lot of places you can visit in Budapest, I used a website where they give you a top 10 of historical places: Click here

Because there are so many things you can visit in Budapest, you have to keep in mind that you enjoyed the Nightlife (hangover). That you have to choose what you want to visit, a good and fun way to see and learn a lot of and Budapest is to go on a Segway-tour. Click here for a link to the Segway-tour I did. Of course, there are many companies that arrange segway-tours, but the guide of the tour is very important. Because he has to give you not too much information and not too less and my guide was perfect in giving the right amount of information. But another option is to find out more about the historical background of Budapest to find out yourself. There a lot of shops around who are selling little travel guides and every historical must-see is within walking distance from each other.


budapest money 2

Let’s be honest, if you’re going on holiday with your friends you saved some money but you can’t spend everything on holiday. If that’s the case, I have some good news, Budapest is very cheap because they have the Hungarian forint. Hungarian banks offer better exchange rates than foreign ones. So change your euro’s, dollars or pounds for Hungarian forint so you can save a lot of money. The advantage of a cheap foreign is that you can afford a lot for a little money. For example, there a lot of nice restaurants in Budapest (I recommend using TripAdvisor) and you can eat there a lot twice as little in your own country. So now you know Budapest is really affordable, you can spend your money but on all different kinds of things. Let me give me you a top 5 of things really worth your money:

Top 5 

  • Visit Szechenyi bath ( a ticket for a day costs 17,- euro and ones per month there is a pool party) 
  • Visit Club instant ( entry is free so it depends on how much you can drink)
  • Have Diner at Zincenco Kitchen ( for 30,- euro pp. you have great diner experience)
  • Doing a Segway-tour ( 25,- euro pp. for 2 hours)
  • Sleeping at good hotels ( for around 50,- euro per night and you can sleep)

In this top 5 visiting the Szechenyi is on the number one spot and that is for a reason. Of all things you can do in Budapest the best thing is to spend your money here and I will explain why. By visiting the Szechenyi bath you are combining a historical pleasure and a nightlife pleasure. The Szechnyi bath is one of the largest spa baths in Europe with its 15 indoor baths and 3 grand outdoor pools. It is built in 1913 which can be seen from the old look. It really is beautiful. A combination of the old Budapest and the new time. So if you want to get more information about this amazing place Click here 


Tekengebied 2 png

After reading this blog I hope you will consider Budapest as your next destination this summer instead of the Costa Brava. The fun thing about Budapest (with respect to the Costa Brava), is that there is no youth travel organization like GOGO. Maybe you think what’s fun about that? If you’re going without a travel organization you have more freedom and it saves you a lot of money. And organizing your own holiday is way more fun as well! You could learn to get more responsibility and that is definitely worth something. But organizing your own holiday without a travel company can be scary too. To help you with organizing your holiday we write this kind of blog so you can find out what city you like and what the best places are to go to and what the best thing is to do with your money.

So If you are really considering going to Budapest or you want to read more blogs about traveling please subscribe to our newsletter.  



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