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Affordable nightlife and enjoy the evening especially for students in Dubai

Affordable nightlife and enjoy the evening especially for students in Dubai😎

Dubai is a state in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has a lot to offer. Especially luxury. Dubai has become a favorite destination for business people and wealthy tourists (nightlife-cityguide, 2018). In this blog we hope to give you insight into the possibilities and prices around the activities you can enjoy in the evening in Dubai. In another blog we give you some information about the different affordable restaurants in Dubai. In this blog we will give you some information about what you can do to enjoy the evenings during your trip. Especially the prices are very important in this blog to show students if it is possible for them to visit Dubai. As many know, a lot of students are not among the wealthy groups of tourists previously appointed. That’s the reason why we will describe the affordable and attractive possibilities regarding nightlife in Dubai, taking the costs into account. Are there even affordable possibilities for students? You will read it all in this blog. In our other blog on this website you can read about the daylife and some of the nice restaurants. Also affordable for students.

Nightlife Dubai overall👯💃

As I’ve said before Dubai is without a doubt one of the most modern and rich states of the United Arab Emirates. Once you are landed on the nearest airport Dubai International Airport you are surrounded by palm trees and supercars.

The rich city has a lot to offer. You can find futuristic skyscrapers, hotels, big shopping malls, shops parcs, swimming pools, and even an artificial indoor ski center.

Dubai is a paradise for glitter and endless luxury. This is reflected into the great nightlife. (nightlife-cityguide, 2018)

Alcohol during nightlife in Dubai

One of the important things you need to know about Dubai are:

Most of the bars and nightlife are located in hotel complexes where it is possible to drink alcohol. It is not allowed to drink alcohol on the streets. In contrast to the various bars where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages. You can better not drive under the influence. When you get caught by the cops you can directly go to jail.

Nightlife Dubai

Dubai has several bars and nightclubs. If you want to enjoy your evening on this way you need to know the following information.

A lot of bars and nightclubs are flexible in terms of dress codes. Only the most exclusive clubs in Dubai use dress codes. There it is not possible to enter with your jeans or on your flip flops. You need to wear a nice shirt and glamorous clothing for man. Women wear a nice dress or miniskirts. A bouncer at the entrance can make the decision if you are allowed to enter. You have the most chance in large groups or when you are in company with a women. In the most popular nightclubs you need to be on the guestlist, especially on a special occasion. Another way to grant access is to reserve a table. The prices are very high and not intended for the most students. During low season the most clubs are less selective and it is easier to enter the clubs. One of the tips is to visit Dubai in low season, then you have the most chance of being admitted. (nightlife-cityguide, 2018)

The public is very divers. Most of them exists of a mix of eastern and western revelers. The most popular party nights are Thursday and Friday evening. Tuesday is for women. Women can enter the club free. A lot of bars and nightclubs have big discounts and free drinks. A night you cant miss.

The neighborhood with the biggest nightlife is Medinat Jumeirah. There are a lot of bars and clubs. Another nice place to go out is the Dubai Marina. It is located on a canal. It is perfect for couples to have a long romantic walk. Or eat in one of the restaurants with a view on the canal and the skyline of Dubai.

When you want to party a whole night on the beach you need to be on Nasi-Mi beach. This beach transforms to a gigantic nightclub in the weekend.

Some prices🤑💲💰💸

To give you an idea of the process that some of some nightclubs in Dubai maintain we did some research. The prices are very different.

The prices of some popular nightclubs variates from free till 275 AED per person. Some of them with free entry only charge entry fee when there is a dj.

This indicates that not all of the clubs in Dubai are very expensive to enter. You need to do some research before you go to the bar or clubs and look what the dress code and entrance fee is for example. It is possible to enjoy the nightlife in Dubai as a student. (profitableventure, z.d.)

Other places to enjoy the evening in Dubai including prices

If you are not the person for bars and clubs, you can enjoy the evening on different ways in Dubai.


Another great place of interest are the fountains. It is even possible to have a walk over the bridge at the Dubai fountains. It is very affordable. The prices are from € 7,57,- on tripadvisor. The description of this walk across the bridge states that it is the place to get the best view on the show with the fountains. It takes around 30 minutes. (tripadvisor, z.d.)


Dubai night tour

If you want to see more, you can do the Dubai by night tour. At this tour you get to see the highlights of Dubai. De Burj al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and also the fountains. It is also possible to upgrade this tour by adding a visit to the Burj Khalifa. In the Burj Khalifa you can enjoy the sky view. The prices of this tour starts from €53,73,-. (Tripadvisor, z.d.)


Watch the sunset on a public beach

Another idea to enjoy your evening in Dubai is completely free. You can watch the sunset on a public beach.


Cruise Dubai Creek

There are several companies who offer evening cruises around along Dubai Creek. It is possible to eat on the boat. You just choose your favorite food and enjoy. Tickets for the cruise are available from around €50,-


Dubai open top magical night tour

When you want to see a lot of Dubai you can do the Dubai open top magical night tour. During this tour you will see the wonderful city streets and neighborhoods that offer great views. (Tripindicator, z.d.)

Dubai red dune desert safari

If you like more active activities you can do the Dubai red dune desert safari. During this safari you will During this safari you will do multiple activities. You will get picked up at your hotel. By a 4WD you will travel to the safari camp and maybe enjoy the sunset during the trip. After that you will ride over the red sand dunes. On the sand dunes you will have a go on dune surfing. It is the same as snowboarding but on sand. After this activities you drive to another place for the evening entertainment and after that you will have a BBQ. The prices for this activity starts from €27,60,- (tripindicator, z.d.)


In this blog you have read the different possibilities to do the nightlife of Dubai. We also described some costs to give you an indication.

Dubai has a lot to offer. Not only to business people and wealthy tourists, but also for students. As you have read there is a lot to do in the nightlife of Dubai. And most of the activities are not super expensive.

Not all of the bars and clubs charges entrance fee. You need to do some research to the different popular bars and clubs in Dubai. Not only for the costs, but also for the dresscode.

The most popular nights are Thursday and Friday evening. Tuesday evening is a evening for women. Women can enter the clubs for free, and can have big discount or some free drinks.

Beside the different bars you can enjoy the evening in Dubai with different activities. For example a couple of activities:

  • you can watch the dubai fountains,
  • do a Dubai night tour, possibly with a visit to Burj Khalifa,
  • you can watch the sunset on a Dubai beach for free,
  • you can make a cruise on Dubai Creek (possibly with diner, you just need to choose your favorite food),
  • you can make a tour through Dubai with Dubai open top magical night tour,
  • or you can do a more active activity with the Dubai red dune desert safari.

We hope we have given you useful information about the different things to do and the prices in Dubai and that we have convinced you that it is also affordable for a lot of students. And that you are longer insecure about booking.

Now I would like to refer you to our other blog about the daylife of Dubai, whick also includes all kinds of tasty, affordable restaurants. Because you have to eat before you can start most of the activities in this blog. You can read this blog:


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