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The must-see islands of Greece for students

Greece is rich in well-known, atmospheric and beautiful islands which make it a popular destination for younger students. The Greece islands have something to offer for everyone, whether you want to party, do some activities or get some rest. There’s a holiday for everyone here. Food and beverages are cheap and sunshine is almost a guarantee.

Once you’ve finally convinced your friends, family or spouse and you’ve picked a date there’s still the matter of which island suits your needs. To give you an insight in the large scale of possibilities, we’ve picked out a couple of favourites and researched each of their specialties. After reading this article you’ll know exactly what island is tailor-made for you and your traveling companions!

Greek Islands


A holiday to the Greek island Kos

The most beautiful island of Greece: Kos. This Greek holiday island is, like many others on the list, provided with beautiful beaches. One of the lesser known beaches is actually one of the most beautiful: Paradise Beach. This beach is located on the east side of the island and is surrounded by greenery. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the sun, sea and nature. It’s a place to relieve yourself of all the stress that comes from studying. Besides this, on your way to the beach you’ll pass by a Greek restaurant where your belly will get some enjoyment out of the trip as well!

Kos Island



For the cycling student it’s not just fun to explore the inner city of your student city by bike, but it’s also a lot of fun to explore your holiday destination! Time to show your cycling skill! Kos is the cycling island of Greece, especially the north side of the island offers plenty of space to explore and enjoy the surroundings while your hair blows in the wind and the sun warms your face. But it’s not confined to the north however, the centre of Kos-city is way more easily accessible by bike than by car! So rent a bike and enjoy!

The Harbour of kos-city

Still prefer an afternoon on a boat? Kos delivers. The harbour of Kos-city offers a variety of tours, for example to the island of Kalymnos. Here, you’ll find cozy, colourful mountainside houses and churches in the city.

The harbour of kos-city


Harbour kos-city

A walk through the alleyways of the city are definitely worth the effort. The harbour offers lots of restaurants and terraces. And of course there’s the souvenir shops selling sea shells and sponges.


Lambi Kos


For the younger tourists, Lambi is interesting as well. It’s a place with a beautiful beach and lots of entertainment venues. It’s located in the north of Kos and is interesting because of it’s many bars, restaurants and soft, white sand. In the late hours you can admire the sunset from several different, calming spots. In the relatively well-known village of Zia you can enjoy the cosy restaurants and terraces or visit the souvenir shops. The village boasts a very colourful architecture as wel.


AsklepieionTigaki beach

Obviously you can’t leave before you’ve visited one of the most famous beaches of the island; Tigaki beach. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches and is located roughly 11 kilometres away from Kos-city. Want to be able to tell your teachers something interesting? Visit one of the most important archaeological monuments of Kos: the Asklepieion. It used to be the most famous hospital of ancient times. The remains are breath-taking and the view that comes with the visit is simply stunning.

All and all there’s enough to do on a vacation to the affordable holiday island of Kos. Whether you want to travel with your friends or your partner, Kos has what you need! Don’t hesitate any longe rand let yourself be spoiled by this stunning island.


A last minute trip to Santorini

Do you feel it? Santorini is a breathtakingly beautiful island which is mostly (under younger students) known for its white houses with blue domed roofs along the coast of Santorini. These rightfully make the island the most photographed island in all of Greece and is often referred to as the Pearl of Greece. But what is there to do on Santorini?

Thanks to this beautiful introductory video you can watch the Greek island of Santorini


Oia city


The most well-known place isn’t the capital of Fira, but the town of Oia This is the city that boasts the well-known view of the white coastline. It’s a popular spot to stay for those who are on holiday. The amenities are amazing, but unfortunately that’s reflected in the hotel prices as well. These are higher than elsewhere on the island. In Oia, you’ll find lots of terraces and beautiful hotels that love showing off their infinity pools. The town is alive all year long.

Perissa cityPerissa

If you’re more of an active person, Perissa is an interesting destiniation for you. You’ll find a waterpark and lots of beach clubs. The centre is home of the biggest church of Santorini, surrounded by taverns and shops. Perissa is located on the east coast and is well known for its dark sand beaches where you can enjoy the sun for hours.




Besides the black beaches, Santorini also has a red one! The red beach of Akrotiri is a popular yet small beach with bright blue water. The location offers many beach umbrellas and loungers, but if you want one you’ll have to be quick as the summers are really busy.


Wine tasting

If you and your friends, family or partner enjoy a fine wine, it’d be a great idea to visit one or multiple wineries. This affordable island is the home of a delicious white wine made of the Assyrtiko grape that’s picked locally. Wine tastings are a definite recommendation too. The wineries Domaine Sigalas and Venetsanos are recommended. Besides wine, there’s a local beer brewery too. The Santorini Brewing Company produces the so called Donkey beers. This brewery, located near Mesa Gonia is a very rewarding trip.


An all-inclusive holiday to Zakynthos?

For the real birds-of-paradise under the Greek islands, Zakynthos is the perfect spot for you as a student. Zakynthos is a beautiful island during the day as well as during night time. During the day, the sun shines on the crystal clear turquoise water that extend the white beaches. During the evening, Zakynthos is known for its rough coastline, filled with caves and steep cliffs. As well as its vigorous nightlife of course. The island has a warm Mediterranean climate with average temperatures of 31 degrees Celsius.


Zakynthos beachDuring the daytime, Zakynthos is known as the ultimate destination for beach lovers who love a bit of relaxation. The clear blue water in combination with the white beaches make for an absolute highlight. The bright water offers great opportunities for snorkeling. This is because there are several beaches and caves with lots of colourful fish for you to see! Boat trips often give you visits to caves that aren’t reachable by foot. Here, you can swim among the many colourful fish that live in the area.


Caretta-Caretta turtlesBesides this, Zakynthos has an old shipwreck that’s located in the middle of Navagio Beach. You can spot the Caretta-Caretta turtles on the island as well. This is a rare species of turtles that hold up in the area of Zakynthos. Lastly, there’s the possibility to make a lovely scooter tour to explore the island even further.


Zakynthos also offers many lovely restaurants and shops. You can find lots of great restaurants for your lunch or dinner. An example is the authentic Greek taverns, star-worthy restaurants as well as beach bars with lovely views.



Zakynthos is bucket-list proof and party proof. During the evening, the calm island transforms into a vigorous entertainment area. Especially Laganas is a hotspot during the late hours. On the Barstreets you’ll find an abundance of cocktails and neon lights trying to attract your attention. There’s lots of clubs and the best beach parties are hosted here. You’ll enjoy affordable drinks while being entertained by the best DJ’s. Some clubs worth visiting are: Pure Beach club, Rescue Club, Sizzle Club, Ghetto club, Medousa and Fishbowl Cocktail Bar.

Pure beach club

Pure beach club

Pure Beach Club in Laganas is the first poolparty club in Greece. Great music is played while champagne and beer flows freely. The club has several weekly events such as Champagne Spray, Addicted and Tidal Boat Parties. For the ultimate experiece, you can rent a vip-lounge along the pool with a massive lounger and lots of tasty drinks.


Resclue club

Resclue club

Resclue club is known as one of the wildest spots in Laganas. They host fire shows, serve special cocktails and house bar dancers. A weekly returning event is the Paint Party. It’s a popular glow-in the-dark party. The interior is divided in three large open spaces with six bars.


Sizzle club

Sizzle club

Sizzle Club is a new large club in Laganas. The biggest DJ’s in the world come to play here. The club offers two stages for entertainment.


Ghetto Club

Ghetto Club is a club that offers diverse music. The music varies from R&B to house, it has lovely decoration and great light effects.

The Fishbowl Cocktail bair

The Fishbowl Cocktail Bar is the place to be for cocktails at reasonable prices, as well as beer and shots. It’s a cosy club with a nice bar. It can be recognized by the fishbowl on the roof.

The Fishbowl Cocktail bair



MedousaIf you prefer a smaller scale, you should visit Medousa. This is a smaller club that offers great music, cocktails and several lightshows. House is the main genre of music and it’s definitely a recommendation if you’re looking to switch it up!

The Greek island of Zakynthos is the perfect destination for the ultimate vacation as a student. Zakynthos offers a lively night life and plenty of spots for great Instagram posts. Check out the next blog about the best spots for Instagram posts in Zakynthos.


Wich Island will you visit?
So now you know what you can find on this variety of Greek holiday islands. They’re roughly in the same price categories and they all offer their own share of entertainment and relaxation. We hope the choice for your ultimate holiday destination has been made easier! We’re curious to see what great experience you have on one of these islands. Would you share your experiences with us? Leave a review below and let us share in the enjoyment of your great experiences!

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