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Travel the world

A young dreamer… 

Since my childhood I always wanted to travel the world.
At this moment I am studying in the last year of the Business IT & Management education at the Hogeschool in Breda. I am following the minor “Digital Nomads”. My minor is all about lecturing the students how to work remotely with your PC or laptop (with internet), you can work or study everywhere in the world.{{cta(‘b0735404-297b-47d7-b392-774df402c708′,’justifycenter’)}}

The reason why I write this blog is, I want to travel the world while enjoying my life with good friends and good vibes. This is the main reason why I want to see the world and meet people all around the earth. By knowing more people from different places, you will gain more life experience with totally different knowledge and perspective to the world.  

Also, by writing this blog I want to trigger other students or people to go abroad and see the world by just doing their job online behind their laptop. In my past I already visited some nice places on the globe, like Istanbul several times, Thailand and Barcelona once and this is just the start! Me as a young child always wanted to travel the world, but by seeing those places I got persuaded to chase my dream for sure.

Currently with my minor, the coaches teach me how to work on different modules/ skills remotely. In the beginning of the minor, I could choose eight modules I wanted to follow during the trajectory. The first one was “Lean Startup”, with this they lectured me how to do define the project and the goal of the project within two weeks instead of a longer period. The second module was “Building website”, I already could develop website by myself, but sometimes I get confused during the development, so the train of thought for choosing this module is to get a better fundament at building website. Also, maybe they could teach me new things/ skills I did not know yet. And so on, I could describe all the 8 modules, but what it boils down to is: I can execute all these things everywhere in the world, the only two things I need is a laptop and a working internet connection.

Create your own / find a project, job


First you need to do is: find a job or a hobby you can do online just by using your phone or laptop and of course a working internet connection. You can make it so mad as you want. Just find it or create it by yourself! If you don’t know anything you can do or master, subscribe to this blog and we will look at it together. If you want to go away, travel the world with some good friends to make great memories and being with people who wants to live with a good energy and good vibes! You have to move, make some motion in your life, get out your comfort zone. Talk with experienced people about this and gather more information and tips about places all around the world. Maybe you have an aunty or an uncle who has been in other countries, whom you never heard about.  Talk-to-them! They can make it possible to get more ideas for your (or OUR) journey! 

Call to all students with good vibes! 

Do you have some good friends with good vibes who also wants to travel the world, just gather all your close friends and made a plan for just like one or two weeks. After these two weeks you guys need to figure it out all by yourself. Just like this! You don’t have a home to stay or a place to rest. You have to find a place at the moment when you guys need it!  

For the entrepreneurs among us 

You guys? You guys already have another mindset, the reason why I am writing this is. The youngest entrepreneurs already read the book: The Secret. You already have a positive and good vibe and by this you always meet other people who are on the same energy. This is what happened to me after I changed my mindset. Changing my mindset was not so easy, as I am saying. It took me months and years to get on this page. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, you can meet people with a growth mindset and level together, learning from each other, young or old doesn’t matter. You can always learn and develop yourself personally.  

Hi entrepreneur? You already got the right mindset, right? or do you want to level and gain more experience about life? Go on a road trip or travel the world! You will get to know other people like you and gain more different life perspectives!  

For the adventurers with a low budget trip among us! 

The real adventurers what makes this trip more fun? You can do it just with a low budget and if it is necessary you can work for some food or money by dishwashing or do some “tasks” for other tourists. You can bring a tent with you and find a good, nice place to say outside with your good friends.  

Imagine that you and your good friends, rent some cool motors and touring together on the mountains, along the beaches and in the cities of the other countries all around the globe. Also, taking nice picture with a great view. Eating the most delicious dishes from different cuisines. This is livin’ the life, have a good time, really good vibes with your good friends. After you get older and you have a few kids you can tell the memories you made with your good friends. Even show the pictures you made, so they can have an idea how you enjoyed your life! After your children are grown up, you can go together with them and know the exciting and great activities you can do together, visit the people you have met while you were traveling the world. The locals would love to meet your children, because they have such a great parent(s)! 


You can also travel the world with the love of your life! With you husband or wife! To make it even more stunning for the singles out here: maybe you will find the love of your life while you are traveling the world on your own or with your good friends!

travel-world-remotely-workingAs mentioned before, if you don’t have anything like a job or project(s) what you can do remotely at the moment. You can subscribe to this blog and I will get in touch with you personally. Together we will look at your own interests and the possibilities that currently exists. I will help you find it! Now sign up to this Travel the world blog and receive information about how to explore the world while you’re with good friends’ alive good vibes and develop yourself personally.

Learn together with us how-to manage your time and priorities to get the most out of your life! If you’re interested you can subscribe to this blog, we will send more information about travel the world with good friends and good vibes, further we will organise trips in the future(!) and a community. Last but not least, you will retrieve emails about the trips, the “travel the world“ community”, tips and tricks related to the journey of your life! 

{{cta(‘b0735404-297b-47d7-b392-774df402c708′,’justifycenter’)}}The world is getting smaller for us somehow. We live like birds nowadays. If you want to go abroad, all you have to do is buy your ticket, pack your bag and go! Don’t think too long, just do it!  

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