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Five reasons why you should work on Curacao

Hi There! It is nice that you’re interested in this blog. You probably have many reasons why you want to read this. One of your main reasons would probably be that is seems like a nice experience to work on Curacao. I hope that after reading this blog, you are confident about working on this beautiful island.

I personally worked for 6 months on Curacao. The blue bay hotel is the place I worked at. It was quite an experience. Before I left, I doubt a long time. The biggest fear that I had was going alone. It could be verry scary to be alone on the other side of the world. But I’m verry happy that I made the decision to go. I my opinion there are more reasons to go than to stay where you are.

Why Curacao?
Like I mentioned before, I worked on the island for 6 months, and for me it was a real struggle too decide that I really wanted to go. Looking back on these 6 months, it was the best decision ever made. This was an amazing time. What you are going to read in this blog are five reasons to go on this adventure!

  1. The weather

Everyone now that the weather on Curacao beautiful is, every day. It verry tropical. The temperature is most of the time about 30 degrees. And because it’s an island, you will always have a cool breeze of wind 

Personal I love the tropical weather. I like to lay down on the beach in my baking sued. But I was in the first verry doubted about working in this climate.

Looking back on this, I never had any trouble with the weather when I worked. Your body adapt to de climate, so you have no trouble working in these hot temperatures. When I spoke with family and friends back home. I told them that sometimes I thought is was chilly here. There reaction? They said that I was crazy. It was verry normal to have it cold sometimes.

  1. The party’s (of course)

When your say Curacao, you say party. Curacao is known for the amazing party’s and the happy hours. What I liked was that every bar a party organized but on different days of the week. Every evening you could go to a different party. The whole island knows what day witch bar had a party. So, at the bar you had all the islanders together partying.

Almost every bar had his one happy hour. For example, you have on Saturday’s happy hours at the Zanzibar. This was my personal favorite.

The biggest advantage going out on Curacao, is that every bar close around midnight. This means that you’re in bed on time. This will result in a fresh start the next morning. Where you could go to work or exploring the island more.

  1. Personal growth

The party’s, the weather and the beautiful beaches. It sounds like a dream. And it’s really like that. Those things say nothing about learning and the personal growth that this journey would be. This adventure is everything that home isn’t. It would probably cost a lot of effort to step out of your comfort zone. Going away and working on Curacao will bring you, personal growth.

Your leaving home for a long time. You are going to travel across the world. You are looking for new people to meet. You have to adjust to this new culture. Your friends and family are back home. It’s a lot that can’t hold you back. But if you go and go out of your comfort zone. Your will learn a lot and be thankful for this time.

If your away from home for a long time. You will have some adversity. The best thing to do, is talk. You can talk to friends at home or friends you made there. There are people enough who know your feeling. They will talk you trough and give you strength to stay and make the most of it. But this feeling should not be a reason to stay at home and don’t go. These experiences will change you in a positive way.

  • I realized how good life is
  • I realized what i like to do in the future.
  • I did get more confident about myself
  • I learned to be more considered

Please, never let the negative things hold you back!

  1. Meeting new people

Meeting new people is another good reason to go.  Curacao is a verry popular vacation destination. But its also verry popular with students who wanted to work abroad or need to do work experience for there education abroad.

When you arrive, your alone. If you want to talk to someone it’s going to be a stranger. It’s something you may not be comfortable with in the beginning. You will learn that this is not that scary as you think. In my opinion its verry interesting to meet and talk to people that live on the island. They have a different culture and you can learn a lot about that. Everybody has his own story, and they are interested in yours. You can easily meet new people and make great connections.

If you meet students, they will understand your story because they had probably the same doubts at first. This island and working on it. It’s for you al the first time and you can support each other.

The most students are alone on the island. Because everybody is alone, they are all willing to meet new people. It should be verry easy to find some new friends.

  1. The beautiful beaches and breath-taking nature

Like I mentioned before, Curacao has beautiful beaches. But not only the beaches are amazing. The nature is breath-taking. if you ask me, the west coast had the most gorgeous beaches. Those beaches are made by nature. They are pearl white, and the ocean is so blue, you won’t believe its real. It’s the perfect place to come down to earth and take some rest. If you look around you, it’s like you’re in a picture.

There are a lot of beaches that are overloaded with tourist. These are the big and small Knip, Cas Abou, Porto Marie and a lot more. I drove with my roommate to the west coast once during my stay. We didn’t use a map or navigation. We discovered the most beautiful places. I will recommend you do this, because it’s amazing.

Curacao has also a lot of green places. You can go to the Christoffelpark. It’s a beautiful place with a lot of green plants. There is also the Christoffel mountain you can climb. That is also verry nice to do, if you have a day off. Is a heavy climb but the view is amazing. 

The list with reasons to go and work on Curacao is a lot longer of this. But these five reasons convinced me to go. I hope because of these five reasons you don’t doubt about this adventure but your confident enough to go.

Feel free to ask questions!


I would like to say one more thing: “GO FOR IT!”

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