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Things you have to arrange if you want to work on Curaçao..

Super nice that you have clicked on this blog. I think you would like to work on Curaçao, am I right? I have some tips for you because working on Curaçao isn’t so easy as you think. I worked on Curaçao for six months two years ago. Before I planned my journey, I have to arrange a lot of things. If you read my first blog click here you can read that I was on Curaçao for six months. In this blog I will take you through what you need to arrange before you start working on Curaçao. Wherefore you no longer have to be afraid and can start your adventure.

First thing: find a job

The most important thing is that you find a job before you go. It’s important because you will definitely have a job on Curaçao when you arrive. So, you can work immediately when you get there and earn some money. It’s easy to find a job on Curaçao when you’re in the Netherlands. You can search on internet for available jobs on Curaçao. There’re a lot of jobs available in the tourism sector like the catering industry or working in a hotel. Curaçao is an Island that’s dependent of the tourism. That’s why there’s work enough in that sector. I also worked in the tourism sector. I worked in a hotel for six months and It was easy to find that job. I recommend finding a job in the tourism sector because you can learn a lot of people when you’re working and make new friends.  

Second thing: living space

I lived in a small resort on the island for six months. I recommend choosing this because you quickly get to know other people and I you go alone it’s easy to make new friends at a small resort. On the hole island there are many complexes and small resorts. You can rent your own apartment or studio for 750 to 1000 Antillean guilders per month. The living space is also very easy to arrange before you go. On the internet or Facebook groups you will find so many living spaces. I found my living space on https://www.huisvestingcuracao.com and I recommend it.

Third thing: a car

On the Island there are buses as a public transport, but you can’t assume that. The buses are always too late and don’t go everywhere. I recommend rending a car because you can go whenever you wanted, and the hole island is best accessible by car. Renting a car is 800 guilders per month. You can choose to rent a car by yourself. But you can also wait to rent a car when you are on the Island and rent a car with your housemate if you have a housemate and you want to save some money. I chose for renting a car before I went because then I was sure that I had a car when I arrived on the island. 

Fourth thing: money

On the Island they pay with other money than in the Netherlands. They pay with guilders that’s different than the euros. If you go to Curaçao with the mindset that you will earn a lot of many than you have the wrong mindset. Living the Island is very expensive, and the wagers are lower than in the Netherlands. Before I went, I had some saving that’s why I could do whatever I wanted. Therefore, I recommend that you have to save some money before you go.

Fifth thing: culture

The culture on the Island is different than in the Netherlands. They have their own language “Papiamento”, but they also speak Dutch or English. The inhabitants of the island are very hospitable. It’s normal that they make a small talk with you on the streets and invite you for a drink. Taking it easy is a mindset common to all of the island’s inhabitants. If you have an appointment for in the morning you can expect that that person comes at the end of the day. It’s always very hot on Curaçao, that’s why they are taking everything easy. I’ve been through this often enough when I was there. I do have an example. I had an appointment at 8 pm in the morning with a plumber because there was a leak at the tap. The plumber come at 8 am in the evening because he thought it was too hot during the day. Consequently, I could have waited all day for the plumber. Therefore, guaranteed that you will experience this too.

Sixth thing: paperwork

Also, one of the most important things are the paperwork. I think paperwork is the most work of all the thing you have to arrange before you go. If you want to work on the island it’s necessary, that you have a “legal statement”. If you want to stay longer you have to officially register in Curaçao. You must also have a Certificate of Good Conduct, which may not be older than 6 months. Idem, you should not forget to send a birth certificate, which also may not be older than 6 months. It’s likewise important that you need a Declaration of Law to be able to work or do an internship on Curaçao. And finally, a valid passport is of great importance.

It’s a lot you have to arrange about the paperwork. If you have any questions you can go to the website http://www.dutchcaribbeanlegalportal.com/legal-contacts?pid=58&sid=866:Ministerie-van-Justitie there is all the information about the paperwork you have to arrange before you go. 

Seventh thing: flight ticket

Before you go it’s necessary that you booked your airline ticket. You always have to book a return ticket because you only can stay for six months. You should demonstrate an end date. So, when I went, I knew when I was going home.  I think that’s nice to know because you can look forward to that day.

Last thing: some general tips

The climate on Curaçao is very hot. They’s always a wind on the Island. As a result, in a usually nice and warm climate. In the summer months (August to October), however, it can feel uncomfortably hot, as the wind sometimes disappears. Don’t forget to use sunscreen every day because you get sunburned very quickly.

Another important tip if you are going to work on Curaçao for half a year is that you leave your valuables at home. You don’t need them and there is a lot of poverty on the island so there is a chance that it will be stolen. If you still want to take them with you make sure you have them properly insured.

Finally, as you can read there are so many things you have to arrange before you go. I hope that you have enough information about things you have to arrange before you go to work on Curaçao. If you have arranged all those things you can go to Curaçao with peace of mind and the have the time of your life. I hope you like our blogs and don’t hesitate if you have any questions. Register now to read more blogs about Curaçao.

Have fun and have the best time of your life!

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