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The top 6 instagram hotspots of zakynthos

If you’re on holiday with your friends, obviously you need some great pictures for your Instagram or Facebook feed. A beautiful background and surroundings for others to envy are preferred. This article will take you through the most beautiful spots of Zakynthos for you to take breathtaking pictures at. Be sure to share the sneak peaks on your Instagram Story as well!


Navagio Beach

Navagio beachNavagio Beach is a beach with crystal clear turqoise water surrounding the old shipwreck in the middle of the bay. The beach is located in a bay surrounded by imposing rocks in the northwest of Zakynthos, 37km from the city of Zakynthos. The mountain village of Volimes is located a mere 4km from Navagio Beach.

Navagio Beach is the number one hotspot of Zakynthos. It’s also known as “Shipwreck beach” and serves as the top attraction of the island, drawing approximately 6000 daily visitors during the summer months.



to see some beautiful pictures of the beach.

As you can see it’s a great place for beautiful pictures! It’s no surprise that Navagio Beach is the number one most photographed beach in all of Greece. The beach appears almost snow white when viewed from the top, but as you get closer you’ll see that it’s actually made up of tons upon tons of small white pebbles! The beach is accessible by boat as well as a base jump from the top of the steep surrounding rocks.

‘’Zakynthos’ Navagio Beach is the ideal beach you know from the postcards!’’

Shipwreck beachThe landmark of the beach is the rusty shipwreck which has been in that location since 1982. At the time, the ship was stocked with smuggled goods such as alcohol and tobacco. It stranded at Navagio Beach as a result of heavy weather.

Want a panoramic view of the beach from above? You’ll need a car or scooter as there’s no villages or accommodations closeby. The viewing point is easy to find when traveling along the western route towards Agios Nikolaos. Going here for the view is definitely a tip I want to give you, it sure is something you can’t miss out on when looking for the perfect Instagram post!

The first base jump event in Zakynthos took place in 2011. It’s an extreme sport event in August where people parachute down from the steep rocks surrounding Navagio Beach. It’s sure to give you an immense adrenaline rush but it takes some guts as it’s not without dangers. In order to be allowed to base jump above Shipwreck beach you’ll need experience and specific conditions have to be met in order to participate in the event. The event was hosted again in 2012 between the 20th and 26th of August. In 2013 it lasted for three days: from the 19th till the 22nd of August. 

Another tip is to take an unwinding trip to Navagio Beach during your holiday. Not only are there Dutch guides available, but you’ll be able to discover the beach and the shipwreck without hordes of people around!


Navagio Beach is only accessible by boat, organized trips are available for booking in Laganas and the city of Zakynthos. The best option is to book a trip in the harbour of Agios Nikolaos in the northeast of Zakynthos. An added benefit is that you have a chance to combine and view the Blue Caves as well as the caves of Keri. The Blue Caves are located two nautical miles from Agios Nikalaos and Navagio is distanced five nautical miles away.

Different options to visit the shipwreck are a little boat that departs from Porto Vromi or the docks over at Cape Schinari, close to the lighthouse. Important to note is that boats won’t travel to Navagio beach during stormy weather!


Blue caves Zakynthos

d0d3d106dbb7abd7575409a3b6bbdb4eThe Blue Caves of Zakynthos are one of the most famous sighting locations of the area. In this location, the azure blue water contrasts with the huge, dark rocks. It’s a true must see during your stay on the island.

The Blue Caves were discovered in 1897 by Antonio Komouta. The caves owe their name to the clear blue surrounding water. The sunlight reflecting on the ocean makes the area appear like it’s glowing in a bright blue colour. The brightness gives you the illusion that the water is only a meter in depth while in reality it’s several meters.


How can I reach the Blue Caves? 

You can only reach the Blue Caves by boat. Many tours combine the Blue Caves with the aforementioned Navagio Beach. While this seems convenient, take into account that it may be busy over at the caves.

Traveling by car? Drive towards Agios Nikolaos or Skinari. From here, you can take a small boat and travel towards the caves. These two locations have the shortest traveling times to the caves as well as lower prices! An added advantage is that the small boats can get you much closer to the caves than larger ones. The best option remains snorkeling and swimming through the caves yourself!




  • A different yet fun way to explore the Blue Caves is by kayak! It’s a great activity for the sport enthusiasts among us. Tours are hosted from Agios Nikolaos in which you peddle to the caves by yourself! How cool is that? Ofcourse there’s time to admire the underwater world and swim around as well.
  • Bring your own snorkeling equipment! It may occur that there’s not enough sets of equipment available, bringing your own prevents a disappointment. The equipment is recommended as the surroundings are beautiful both above and underwater.


Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis-ZakynthosAgios Sostis is a famous beachside resort close to the city. The tourist hotspot of Laganas is at 3km distance, the city of Zakynthos at 8km. 

The last few years, Agios Sostis has become increasingly busy. You can now find several different restaurants, taverns and shops surrounded by the many olive trees in the area. Taverns are small eating venues which usually serve local or national dishes. You’ll find a cosy and busy boulevard with lots of restaurants. The beach is small and offers you the possibility of renting a boat.

Want to go for a drink? You can do this over at the special place on Cameo island, accessible by crossing a beautiful bridge starting in Agio Sostis. This little island is unique, its formation is the result of a heavy earthquake that shocked Zakynthos during the 17th century. The island holds the name of the eponymous church that’s on the island for over 16 centuries. There’s a small entrance fee, but it includes a drink! We suggest you take the iced coffee! 

This gorgeous island can keep you busy deep into the night (or into the early mornings) as DJ’s play their best records here at night. You can spend the night in the Korfiati apartments.



for a sneak peek of the apartments.


It’s the hotspot when you’ve seen enough of the pool. By going down a small set of steps you walk straight into the crystal-clear water. If you bring your snorkeling equipment you’ve got a chance to spot some Carreta turtles!

When you’re in Agios Sostis it’s great fun to take trips to neighbouring islands. An example of this is the trip to the island of Marathonissi as well as a trip to the caves of Keri.



Marathonisi Zakynthos

Marathonisi zakynthosMarathonisi is a small island near Zakynthos. It’s a beautiful location to take gorgeous pictures for your social media feeds. Marathonisi is often referred to as ”Turtle Island” as it is the best place to spot turtles. Because of this it’s a protected area, tourists often take the boat to caves in the area and go for a swim there.

Marathonisi zakynthosTravel to Marathonisi aboard a boat with a glass –yes, glass!- floor! This trip takes half a day. After leaving the docks, the crew aboard will try to spot turtles in the shallow waters along the beach of Laganas for you to see. Afterwards you’ll be taken to Turtle Island where you can go for a swim, go snorkeling or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The ambiance may feel festive when there’s lots of boats floating around accompanied by floating foodtrucks.

                                              Want to read some more about the cruise? {{cta(‘715292b1-45aa-4264-bcf8-25ac020c271a’,’justifycenter’)}}

Porto Roxa Beach

Porto roxa beachAnother place for you to visit on your quest for the perfect Instagram post is Porta Roxa. Porta Roxa is a small rocky area located on the west coast of Zante at about a one hour drive from the city. It is a very tranquil place where you can unwind in the shaded beds in the area as you listen to the sounds of the ocean.

Porto Roxa beach has crystal clear, bright blue water with rocky cliffs around. If you like snorkling, we definitely recommend a trip to this beach. The Porto Roxo Beach area is home to lots of different species of fish, in all colours and sizes. Relaxation and fun are a guarantee here. Several taverns are scattered around the beach as well as beds and twin swing beds. 

Poro roxa beachThis is the perfect place to watch the sun set behind the horizon. Porto Roxa Beach is known for being a spectacularly beautiful and romantic spot.

The beach also offers several trampolines and diving boards for acrobatic ocean dives.Traveling to the island is a tad bit difficult though, but it does offer free parking! If you want to distance yourself from the masses of tourists and their accompanying chaos, Porto Roxa Beach is the perfect place to do so, as well as take some beautiful pictures.

St. Nicholas Beach


The chapel of St. Nicholas with Vasilikos Beach in the background is the perfect combination for your Instagram posts. St. Nicholas Beach is a popular beach in the southeast of Zakynthos. The beach owes its name to the chapel of Agios Nikolaos located on the top of the rocks around the beach.

Watersports at st nicholas beachAfter your photo shoot you can try out water sports. These activities make St. Nicholas Beach a popular destination, especially for younger travelers. It offers all kinds of water sports: water scooters or bikes, parasailing, beach volleyball, you name it. Ofcourse you can also unwind with the sounds of the ocean as well. The beach bars are trendy and the restaurants serve great food.


If you’re going traveling and you’re on a quest for the perfect picture for your feed, definitely make sure to use one or more of these amazing hot spots that Zakynthos has to offer.


We wish you a lot of fun and definitely don’t forgot to share your beautiful photos with us!


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